Im throwing in the towel :/


I recently started using lec fixtures and the extra heat can be combated with proper exhaust and intakes I imagine ill be running the Ac a little more with it during the summer months but i needed to run ac even with the led fixtures when done and said i was running
I removed 5 fixtures and replace them with a 630 lec


So your saying one light replaced 5 others?? That’s a big difference. And no where near the heat of hid. What 5 lights did you replace I guess what size ??


Yes @timmyv324 i had 5 led panels all china made stuff
Actual draw was 800w
I sid some research and with help from @Donaldj I decided to go with the lec fixture
It does put out heat more than my led panels combined
But supposed to be equivalent to 1000 watts of hps
While only drawing 630 watts :wink:


Yes that would b great . I currently run 4 lights 2-1000w hid and a 2-600w hid in my flower room and I use 1- 600 w to veg them so to b able to change all that to lec I’m sure would b a great savings in a lot of things. Sometimes I have to run AC in the winter because of the heat they produce and summer is a real challenge. My AC never stops. Unfortunately my room is in the upstairs cuz I have no basement so the heat gets higher up there than it would in a basement. So lec would b a big difference fir me. I’d like to try one in my veg and go from there if I like it. Do you get nice full nugs too?? I’m think yes!!


10-4 @timmyv324
Im in my basement so yeah that helps with temps
As stated i just stated using them so summer is to be seen but i think it wont be much different for me i am expanding my space as well so more lights lol more heat etc
Check into them bro if yor thinking about changing light types
Donaldj doesn’t change his buld either same bulbs veg-flower
Spectrum is supposed to be the closest thing to natural light as well :+1:


@Countryboyjvd1971 is correct in that lec fixtures can provide higher par per watt than hid. They’re not as high as some of the leds available, but they also bring some uv into picture which isn’t provided by cobs. Both are definitely white in appearance.

Here is the Phillips lec spectral distribution chart

The purple line in this chart represents the spectral distribution from a typical 3000k 90cri led.


Thanks for posting the info @dbrn32
I was told the Philipps bulbs are the best at the moment as well just a fyi


From what I’ve seen, I would agree. That’s exactly the reason I went looking for that specific bulb. If I’m going to post a cree graph then I’m going to compare it to the best on the other end. My opinion anyway, but it doesn’t seem like anyone could post a legit argument that there’s a better option in lec.

In your research did you come across any par data for them?


I saw exactly what you posted and some other stuff but nothing all that great @dbrn32
Im not against using leds or cobs fyi
Results ive seen using the lec just appear better
To be seen soon i sont have anything in flower tent at the moment which is where im using it


Still waiting on a fresh recharge of likes. I’m right there too, if I wasn’t where I am with leds lec is where I would be. They are comparable enough that you have to look close. A blanket statement that led is better than anything isn’t exactly true on any level. A mediocre led is competitive with hps on a per watt basis, a good led will blow it away. But that gap starts to shrink when they’re pushed hard. Which is a tendency among trying to chase a certain number of watts per dollar. That’s biggest reason I suggested @timmyv324 come back with more info. Throwing a big name like Cree on a fixture doesn’t mean squat if they’re pushed too far beyond their ideal efficiency range.

One thing I just realized is that the lec doesn’t hit the the uvb range, not according to graph anyway. For whatever reason, I was previously under the impression they did. The whole uv situation is still a Charlie Foxtrot in my opinion. But without the uvb it’s minus one point on my end. 360nm monos are like $5 and a reasonable amount could be added to 4x4 for probably $75 with driver and heatsinks.

Getting beyond scope though with that. I think the decision between lec and a high end cob comes down to cost vs canopy temps. We would be shredding hairs to say you can get to 1000 watt hps par levels with 550 watts of led or 630 watts of lec. That’s a couple dollars a year in electricity cost. If the led allowed you to ditch ac and/or some large fans for even a portion of the year that could be relevant. But we both know I can’t say it will or won’t, to many other variables in play. Possibility is there, question becomes how much someone wants to spend to find out.


I agree on the quality of the led or cib fir sure @dbrn32
And one day we will build something for me as well time of finding and sizing everything up is not available to me right now so we figured i would go this route myself
And a real good quality led fixture is out of my price range currently


The 3100k bulb does you used the 4200k bulb to compare :wink: the 3100k is what I suggest actually for entire grow the 4200k is far more blue end of spectrum


You hit the nail on the head. Like I was saying I have stacks of lights because I buy new ones trying to you know upgrade but still all HID. I did see another LED that was a panel of strips about the size of a hood and they grew a huge tomato plant in the store with it . I was impressed but the light was $1600 so yeah I just got my nutes and blazed. But then next time he showed me the COBS which were way better price but it just didn’t convince me that it would do the same thing. But I’ll try to get over there ASAP to get more info on it. Cuz I know I’ll just have to try one and if I like it I can start converting over. And put some more lights on the stack. Lol


I’ve made no quams about stating I need the heat more of the year than most, and also am looking at getting LED’s so I can do side by side against LEC :wink: What I can say for sure is my 315w LEC trumps my 400w HID hands down and that LEC tech is improving and coming down in cost the 630w LEC slays 600w mh/hps and give 1000w run for the money. However they now have 945w and DE bulbs so as I said evolving they are logical replacement for LEP and MH/HPS but cobs are evolving and promising with the realization that white light has proven to be better than blurple




Well I’m definitely gonna have to check these out a bit closer. And get some more info on them. I mean that would b kind of a big deal for me.


Hi there @Donaldj I have never heard of LEC,s and I can’t believe reading some of the posts maybe you could help me out with just small information to start with please if you can make time off course my friend.


@Donaldj I was fairly certain that was 3100k, but I can only be as good as my searches. I also found this graph that shows both, but it cuts off uv end, as to where the one I posted above cuts of ir end. Appears according to this that pic I posted above is clear representation of 3100k doesn’t it?


@dbrn32 and @Donaldj I am lost with a lot of how you understand your differences it you could just even give me somewhere to start I will do all the proper research for sure I would not waste your time again I am just not computer savvy at all. But I am getting there.


@Johnzy81 you can start by searching
Lec lights on goggle or cmh they are the same thing
Also do some research in par ratings and color spectrums that should help you understand
You can also find a few good videos on utube that help explain theses things