Im throwing in the towel :/


I have thise light they will wor for you i used 4 in my 4x4 tent with good results
But once you start adding 3-4 fixtures to get desired you can buy a better quality or build a better one yourself


I second what @Countryboyjvd1971 said. Roleadro/GalaxyHydro has decent customer service and they do stand behind their products.

I have 4 300w galaxyhydro and I am getting great results but like CB and @dbrn32 knows, you can get better equipment when you start to have 3-400 invested in “china lights.” @Bman88900


my buddy is doing pretty good with the one i gave him


I also use the Roleandro lights


I hope you don’t mind if I dive in here, I’m a new grower, I’ve been growing since March last year and I’m on my 4th grow, reading this so far and I can think myself lucky that I put in loads of work, did lots and lots and lots of reading lol still am, and ask lots of questions and I’ve done well every grow, but you really do have to be prepared to put in the work, thanks guys for being there for everyone on this site when we need you and for passing on your long earned wisdom to us, I’m loving the journey, and believe me I have had my failures but even then you learn something


@daz49 you are very welcome to have a say it’s one off the great things about this site everyone can and will help you out without a doubt I too am on my 4th grow also and have had my up’s and downs but not too many off the latter thankfully I too studied so much and then I come onto this forum and it was brilliant because all I had been studying made so much more sense as I see and have been able to give and receive so much help and support its all covered now if I have any problems at all I will come straight on and someone will be here to have any off our backs if we have problems we’ll don’t everyone and thank you all keep it up please :v:


Well guys no more bs lights. I have two 300 watts led on the way now. Ready to dive full in. Gonna grow these bags seeds before i pot my autos. Wanna go for this last run before i go for my head on grow. Excited as can be . ready to begin my journey once more.



Decent lights mate, now we can all look forward to you succeeding!


I like HPS. They are cheap any more


The down fall to the HPS is the heat. So that’s additional cost. But it sounds like a lot of you guys grow good stuff with LED I personally haven’t but I’d have to admit my light I tried was a hand me down and that’s got to tell you something. I just know once I quit messing around and bought what I seen the big boys use I was just growing Home grown !! Once I invested into the professional quality gear my stuff has improved 100%.

This is my current harvest of gorilla glue and holy grail. It was a 12 wk process from seed to this. Under flouresant then 600w HPS. I harvested a bit over 2lbs from 2 plants in 10 gal pots of ocean forest soil and coco core. I’ve used the same schedule for 4 yrs now and get similar results each time but it’s a lot of work to keep up. But the outcome is awesome. Obviously I’m just giving u my opinion and experience ! BTW I use the SCROG method to get that kinda harvest.


Same stuff applies to all types of lighting really. It’s not really fair to compare a $200 Amazon special hid light to double ended gavita. Just like it’s not fair to compare a $200 led panel to any of the commercial led fixtures. You’re not getting over by going with the cheaper option, you’re simply paying for less performance.

As you pointed out, on a per dollar basis it’s very difficult to compete with hid lighting. And provided coverage requirements are met, very few hobby growers grow to the highest potential of their lighting. So not everyone can or should justify having the latest and greatest. I think a lot can be said for spending a little more on quality leds. A good balanced spectrum is easier for most to grow under, and the difference in canopy temps can be noticeable.

I’d have a really hard time recommending that people spend $1000 plus on light. But I think these diy projects are allowing a lot of the members get into cutting edge led tech at a fraction of the cost. As long as I can continue to help people do that, I think it’s the best way to go. The resources continue to get better, and the prices are starting to get more reasonable. I’m sure it’s still a long way out, but one day led tech will get their cost wise.


Your totally right. It’s not the same comparison especially it’s been a few years now and I know lighting especially led has come a long way. I would love to use them fir all the obvious reasons . It’s just that the ones I’ve seen that really impress me I’m to much of a cheap ass to buy unless I had hard evidence it will do what my current lighting will be my choice. I guess I’m old school lol if I could use sunshine I’d rather do that lol. I’ve seen articles about good grows with them I just haven’t personally seen it from anyone I know that grows they all use hid


Out of likes, but there’s nothing wrong with that. I went from two 400’s to budget panels, and back to my 400’s until I built with higher end cobs. Then gave the rest of it away lol. There’s a lot of comfort in sticking with what you know and are already successful with.


So r you using the COBS now. Those r the ones they showed me at the store. They were very bright but expensive. But if you say they work all the way through I might just try one out. Cuz I’d live to get rid of the loud fans and the big bills.


For sure! Quite a few of us are. The quantum boards are really popular too.

Do you know what they had a store? Not all cobs are created equal. If you’re going to give it a try I’d like to make sure you’re getting your moneys worth.


I didn’t catch the brand of it but it had 4 COBS in it and he said it will replace a 600w hid it was about a 12”x12” square maybe a bit bigger but not by much and it was very bright no doubt. I guess I liked that it was white lighting like I’m used to also. I’ll maybe go there tomorrow and get more info. Then obviously they had bigger ones too. What size are you using for how many plants.


I used 4 75 watt vero 29’s per 3x3 and had two of them. It was about ideal setup for that size. I can say first hand it was better than the 400’s. Whether or not it would compete with a 600 may be pushing it. Depending on the particular cob being used and how it’s being used, equivalent to a 600 is possible out of four cobs. But that number could be stretched a little too. I try not to deal too much in imaginary numbers. So if we can find out who makes the fixture, I’ll see if I can find some par data.

As far as I’m concerned, blue and red leds are for supplements. With the light spectrum some of the 90 cri cobs are producing, they’re going to be a thing of the past in my opinion. You can rest assured, I won’t be directing you away from “white” light sources.


Well I’ll try to get more info on that. Is at least buy one to see for sure if you think it could do it. Yeah for some reason I like white lights. It seems like plants do to. I’ll get back to this once I get you more info. Cuz I’m excited if they work good. I was noticing all of my old lights I have from upgrades. I need a garage sale. Lol thanks dbrn32


Cool! Just don’t go in there and buy it til we can take a look st what it is, and see what else is out ther comparable.


You got it. I’ll try to get that info and I’ll go from there