Im throwing in the towel :/


I never post a pic unless i have questions. This one time i feel like shes worthy of being shown


Progress @Bman88900 great to see :wink: please post pics uploaded individually and in natural light almost at will tho. 2 reasons. 1# somebody’s expert eyes may pick something before your even aware you have a problem brewing
2# Mmmmm Bud porn!!!..

What was I saying???


Yeah that!

Mmmmm, bud porn! :blush:


@Bman88900 looking good my friend just keep persevering its all a learning experience for us all well down keep growing :v:


@dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 so guys i parted ways with my orignal plant gave her away to a buddy who just started growing. Well i thought hell yeah because ill have more lights for my other one. Well the lights fell on her and snapped it right in have . the main branch. Im pretty sure shes a gonner.


@Bman88900 what type of room are you putting them in?


Oh, that sucks!


Yall think any way she will pull through and also a shed. Im not upset tbh. My other one is in good hands and i learned alot


@Bman88900 sorry to hear that.


Its okay guys. It does suck but it happens and im ready to start new. Already have two more coming along nicely. I learned alot and my new plants are twice the size these were at the age so i must be doing something right lol. Hate to restart but ill run anotjer trial run again before i get my real deal set up with the amnesia haze i been holding on to


@Powaforce … great post man. Regarding Ammesia Haze, are you talking about photo strains or autos? I have a couple of Am Haze auto seeds germinating in water at the moment, which are going to be grown outside in Aus. Will let people know how they go…also have autos Blueberry, AK47, Nthn Lights germinating too …can’t wait to throw them in the ground! Does anyone have any opinions as to weather these would be better in pots or in the ground? The soul here is pretty sandy, as in sand stone mountains soil, but I’m preparing it with Tomato/Herb soil andcompost whichcontains blood and bone. Worked well for my 3 photo bush bud plants which i planted outside in September and are now thriving :blush:


IMHO nothing comes close to outdoors in the ground. It takes away a lot of problems with repotting and over watering etc. If you dig a hole big enough for a 50L bag of bunnings soil you’ll be fine. Sandy soil is great. Eg good drainage and easy for roots to penetrate. I’ve got an auto mix pack on the way. They’ll be planted, 1 at a time a month apart for that “I’m not chasing weed no more” perpetual grow. :wink:


Go for it @Powaforce you are definitely in the right place to do it I like the one month apart you will have your meds covered keep growing my friend :v:



“If at first you don’t succeed - skydiving is not the sport for you!”

Seriously, keep trying buddy, you’ll get there and because of these set backs it’s going to be all the better when you do!


Bummer dude, but it’s good to hear you’re straight back into it! @Bman88900 :+1: :smile:


@dbrn32 hey so im shopping now and getting all my grow stuff. Any recommendations on lights going for leds. Budget is 120 a light. Im getting two . how do you feel about this one. I like the cob setups also but read alot of bad views


Well hey @Bman88900 you must be feeling excited about you shopping trip today I loved it every bit and when it all comes together and works there will be no better feeling, me at the moment I am still a sort off an old school person meaning HIDs and HPS.


A hundred times better then your led strips :wink: I’m a viper spectra fan. Good value for money and complete full grow package. Slightly low in the red/far red spectrum but still good enough to be a solid producing stanky bud LED light.


I agree with powaforce viperspectra makes great lights with 3 yr warranty


I’m pretty sure @Countryboyjvd1971 @Screwauger and @Sirsmokes all use those lights. Outside of a few operational issues I’m pretty sure they are happy with results from them. Hopefully they can give you a good idea of what to expect from them.