Im throwing in the towel :/


No problem!


I have 2 600 watt lights from this company i did two grows seed to weed with only one and i got great harvest. Check out the 600 watt ones on amazon there only $150 bucks 3 years warranty


@Bman88900, what midium is she in the leaves look a bit yellow there mite be a nitrogen deficiency happening don’t give up yet you can save her :+1:


Are you using a water meter?


Great light. I have one as well as 4 different other brands and this light is great! I just run it with both veg and bloom lights on always. My plants love this light.! Actually I bought the 600 watt one.This is some Goldleaf 2 weeks into flower.


@Coperthwhite7 those meters are notoriously innaccurate and the readings are all over the place


Well im defiantly set on those lights then. . couple more weeks


newest update


@Bman88900 how high is your light? Looks like some serious stretching


Its beacause i took all the leds strips out. About 8 inches away


@Bman88900 gotcha! What light did ya end up goin with


I have one of those . The next time I use it , it will be a target , to check the accuracy of my gun . Don’t waste your money . lol


Honestly yall are the only reason they havent been tossed. I get so close to closing up shop . If my brother in law has questions or pics i will post on his behalf. I wish it was summer. I would of found a nice sunny spot for them somewhere and let them be. Like my brother said trial and error . these are only our experimental plants.thanks everyone for all the help. Couldnt of done it without yall. One day we will all be on @WillyJ level . Inspiration right there


I’ve got less than a year experience indoors and only grew once outside before I started this adventure…so thank you for those kind words…it just shows if you read up on things and get to know what to look for keep somewhat track of what your doing so you won’t make the same mistake twice…pay attention to your plants…every time you water or feed them inspect them you will be right on top of things that way just be careful not to over care for them they are a very hardy plant…you can always straighten out a problem with time with photos anyway… autos I’ve never tried…no time to screw them up I’d want to be on my game when I try them lol hang around here and read up ask questions and you’ll be growing monsters befor you know it :+1: @Bman88900


@Fl.growr whats up bro


What uppppp mane haha


Welcome to the community man. If you need help on lights my man @dbrn32 can help you out . if yiu wanna tag someone just put a @ before their usernam . if you need help on soil and nutrients @Covertgrower is great on that. And if you wanna see some awesome grows jist browse around man. Btw guys this is my buddy who just recently started growing.


Thanks bro @Bman88900


@Fl.growr here to help when you need us! Thanks for the tag @Bman88900 welcome to the community!


Welcome. @Fl.growr Let us know if we can help with anything!