Im throwing in the towel :/


I dont understand. Plastic ? I took the screen off the led bar .


@Bman88900 the blue “bulb” i think is what they are referring to




I could sand it off. Its just a coat. Would it help much. ? Mines not Led.


@Bman88900 im not sure, but i doubt it


So if you are not having to much money (like me) you can go whit 5-10 of what @VelcroThumb showed you and whit this splitter you can make a better light

Go whit cold light for veg stage and warm light for flowering stage


Those lights are a marketing gimmick … get some cfl’s or invest into some good led’s… trust me , it will be money well spent… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


It took a lot of profound thinking, and forgetting what
I was thinking about but, yeah, I was probably high when I came up with that intellectual enlightenment.


That’s a cool splitter! Where’d you get it?


I don’t get it but I’m planning to do so if I choose the lled light bulb… You can get that from aliexpress but you will get it after one month :joy: or maybe if you have some luck in 2 weeks @DieHigh55


Don’t sweat the criticism. Just pop the plastic cover off. They pop off with very little pressure. The LED FLOODs ARE what I started with and were getting 4ft plants easily. I had 2 different variations. The Sylvania you have I am using on my clones. My very first grow started very meagerly without fans nutrients or proper space. Keep the flood light 12-18" away. As lil one grows the light goes. Good luck!! Happy new year.


I appreciate that. I try take it all in with a good attitude. The only thing is my lights are that brand but are not plastic? They are glass. Can i pop those off? I dont see how i could. Well im happy. That defiantly gives me hope. Its growing pretty fast under those lights. Not stretching . Im just happy it recovered.


My apologies for not checking out the right light when I first replied to you @Bman88900. That bulb is an incandescent not LED and is an actual 120 watt bulb. You’re correct it’s made of glass. I still think you would need a few of them to grow a nice plant. They are going to put out a good bit of heat if you use 3 or 4 of them so take that into account. The right Light makes a big difference.


When tax season comes im gonna make yall proud. Just watch :sunglasses:



do you think this would do me any good with my other lights also hooked up?


For a $10 more you could get a 300w ViparSpectra grow light:


Oh thats cool. I was just wondering if this one would at all? For the time being. Say a month or so. I can get this one today.


I haven’t had a chance to see if they provide any information that would be useful for plant growing. I am on conference calls until 5pm ET so I’ll try and look then. By then I’d expect @dbrn32 to chime in unless he’s busy today.


I would avoid that for a couple of reasons. Most importantly, it’s designed to run from a dc input. Which means you’d have to buy another power supply just to run it. They’re not terribly expensive, but buying a power supply to run a power supply doesn’t sound appealing at any level.

Next, the heavy duty lenses are meant for outdoor installation and to withstand abuse from being truck mounted. The thicker lens is going to mean it interferes more with light transmission. Which you definitely don’t want to be doing in horticulture applications.

If you want to buy something now in that price range, we can definitely find you better options. The one @Bogleg posted above is good. As there are many others. But my personal recommendation would probably be to ride this grow out if your planning on making a big move with your tax return. No sense in donating any money to a temporary band aid in my opinion. Not when you plan to do it right in the near future anyway. I would set that money aside and put towards a total solution.


Alrighty. I actually have a power box . its a jumpstart box with a 12 v output. Its how i wired my led strips. But i will not go this route now. Thank you for the info. Saved me a couple bucks