Im throwing in the towel :/


Are you monitoring and adjusting ph?


Actually i have not been. Not sence the beggining . was not exspecting her to make it after transplant.


Not near enough light to grow a decent plant. They need 35 to 50 “real” watts per square foot. It looks like you only have maybe 15 to 20 watts. It needs to be real bright above the plant. It also has to be the right spectrum of light. I’m pretty sure this is the major part of your problem. For one plant you could buy a 300w LED light on Amazon for around $75.


Its a 120 watt grow light bulb.


I don’t see anything that looks like 125 real watts in your photo. Here’s what a 125 watt CFL looks like


We’ve been back and forth over the light situation. You’re obviously far from ideal, but if that’s what you have you just work within it.

The ph is going to be a different issue. If you don’t get that worked out it can and will be detrimental to your plant


am i reading it wrong. I have two but two is to much right now.


@Bman88900 advertised watts and actual watts are entirely differnet things. My HID system says 600w but actual is closer to 300. My viparspectra 450w led says 450 but actual is 200. There are many other aspects to lighting to take into consideration as well:
Spectrum, sq footage, lumens, par… the list goes on


Im just happy the plant recovered . Was so sure she was shocked beyond recovery . AT least its growing again.


@VelcroThumb oh okay. So do you know many my lights is actually pushing out?


@Bman88900 im just afraid you are putting in alot of time and effort and your yield will be verrrrry small. Im not trying to be funny, but i doubt you get more than a couple grams at best. More like maybe a joint worth with that setup


@Bman88900 you would have to look up the brand and look for actual watts. I think you want to check the watts drawn from the wall. @dbrn32 is the light guy so he has lots of info. I know weve akl gone back and forth over your lights, but like @dbrn32 said, if its what you have to work with, then thats what you have. I got a decent 600w hid system for like $150 on amazon


A question is a request for knowledge, stupidity is claiming knowledge without asking questions. I made that up and I believe it.


@DieHigh55 @M4ur the only stupid questions are the ones you dont ask!


You would be better off with cfl’s… here’s a pic of my diy set up lights and rdwc… :wink:

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You got that right!


That’s pretty profound Alan. I hope you were high when you came up with that lol.


That’s a 15 actual watt light. you would need to take the cover off to get the light to put out anything for growing and that’s not enough for your plant. You need at least 3 of those spaced close together to have enough light to grow a halfway decent plant. The lights would have to be about 12" from the plant to give you a couple of ounces.

I’m not a light expert, but I found out from my own inexperience that if these plants don’t get good light, they won’t grow very well. They are not houseplants. They have to be tricked into thinking they are outside. I don’t want to see you give up, but mostly don’t want to see you fail.


Well thats very good to know now. Tomorrow i will pick up a couple more. I have two 120 watts and then a 75 watt grow light same brand also. I also have a 55 gallon fish tank with tube lighting that im gonna take apart and use with these lights. So i should have a total of 3 -120 watts ,a led light light bar across and a 75 watt grow light bulb with a additional tube lights from the tank. They are about 3 1/2 feet long . total of four tubes. Two on each side of the tank. I have all the lights besides the extra 120 i need to buy . maybe if im lucky and with the right spacing i should be good? @skgrower


Can you cut the plastic bit off of the bulb? That should increase your light a little

Oh… Don’t give up! :wink: