Im throwing in the towel :/

@Covertgrower 5.7 ounces dry weight .


I would say that’s pretty decent. Congratulations!

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So are you growing original or extra crispy in that bucket?? :rofl:
Nice looking harvest!


@Covertgrower sorry to Bother you bud but I have a quick question. So unfortunately my two autos i had in flower have some bud rot / mold on the mail colas ( due to me putting them in the bathroom for a week while I used my tent to dry my harvest ) I cut off the infected parts and doubled checked every cola :pensive: are the plants worth keep going or should I chop and if not is there anything else I can do ? Sorry lol not a quick question but I do appreciate the feedback very much

I had to cut maybe 25% off each plant .

I think the important part is you cut it out. If you see anything suspect, dispose of it. Give it a peroxide bath for sure. Otherwise not a total loss unless you see more of it somewhere on the plant.
Unless you have a lot more plants, and this is just a drop in the bucket, I probably toss it. If it’s your only one for awhile, I wouldn’t blame you for trying to salvage what you can.

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Thank you :pray:t2: , I will probably cut them down next week then for sure . I’ll drop three seeds tonight and start clean . My last harvest should last awhile :hugs:

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I will drop 9 gsc/ wedding cake bag seeds in the am . Not sure what’s what but unfortunately the seeds got put into the same bag . Stepping away from autos . Wish me luck guys .

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@LoCoRock finally getting some decent cured bud

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