Im throwing in the towel :/


I just buy feminized seeds. laurap is right. You must avoid stressing your plants out at any cost. Which means you must keep them in the same place, when you water, feed and flush them.
I keep mine raised up about 5 inches on a wooden platform of 2x3’s, with slats so the water falls through to the plastic water catchers below. Here is a photo of Goldleaf 2 days before harvest. Day twelve of the water flush.


Why would you do that to your poor girl? Would you leave a puppy alone to starve to death?
I have my girls in my guest bedroom turned flower/Veg room. It is a warm, safe, clean environment and I can spend time with them. Trimming the lower scrag leaves off my plants in the veg room so only the top buds are left. Or, making sure my buds are getting enough light using the

I think your lights are too close and she looks like she has no nutrients. She doesn’t need side lighting yet. I have found I need to balance the light so she is moving towards it but not too much. Poor girl. Start using the Fox farms three and she will wake up. She needs to have consistent temp, placement, and humidity. Did you buy a 8 dollar temp/ humidity gauge? See how she is all cramped up? She needs a stronger light further away, in my opinion so sh´can spread her wings. I have seen quite a few ideas on youtube about lighting. I like to give her enough light to grow up to but not too close you end up burning your plant. Here is some OG Kush two weeks into flower and my Goldleaf plants.


See @Bman88900 these plants are pretty tough. They just need the right amount of food, water, light, and room to grow. You get those things even halfway right and you will see them take off.


I personnely think shes a lost call. Here are some pics of today. Seems to be showing signs of female . hard to say but defiantly showing sighs of pre flower


@Bman88900 are you using any other lights tha those LED strips?


Yes . i have a led light over head and a led light bar across top also. @VelcroThumb


If I see some green and no boy bits I’m keeping that girl going. Unless of course I’m desperate to try a different strain or something but even then I wouldn’t cull her, I’d just move her where she wasn’t in the way. Have faith, if there’s green there’s hope


She still needs water. 10 days without water will cause issues to a plant that small, if your paying for lights to be on you might aswell water her. That stress of no water can do all sorts of things that suck before she dies, eg grow pollen sacks and contaminate your whole grow room. That could and probably would hermi your next grow. I’ve just reread this thread, u say your light strips are always on but your overhead light is 18/6 try putting your strips on the same timer so when lights are off she can rest properly. ATM I think when your presumably stronger overhead led turns off, the side strips stay on but would theoretical get your girl to try and turn towards the light wasting valuable energy when 6 hours later she has to try and turn again for the overhead, this and without any proper dark sleep she’s exhausted.

Also you said above somewhere that your getting some amnesia haze for Feb. Now I haven’t grown it, awaiting delivery, but I have read a lot on here and the amnesia haze is notoriously picky and more difficult to grow then say an ilgm gold leaf or an ilgm strawberry kush. If I was you I would save those amnesia haze for a future grow until your more confident and comfortable diagnosing issues and have your grow space dialled in a little closer to where you can set it and let her do her thing. This is only my opinion but I think others opinion on this forum would somewhat agree. We want to see everybody succeed and grow some fat stanky buds and be rewarded with some killa bud porn, don’t give up, read as many journals as your phone battery will allow and take it all in and be patient, nature will reward you and ilgm genetics will see you with some sticky icky icky. Sincerely @Powaforce


@bman88900 what size are your lights? Watts? Brand?


Well that gives me hope for sure. How long did it slow down for. And what exactly happen


Any opinions would be very much appreciated boy or girl ? No pods . i had one hermi on me so i know what to look for.


Flush then nitrogen
Needs nitrogen
It probably can’t absorb nitrogen due to the lack of drainage and ph imbalance coupled with the salt buildup.


Too young for sexual differentiation I’m afraid.


The 5 gallon bucket has drain holes but its not lifted of the groumd so im sure it not draining right. I water maybe once a week.


It went about two weeks where I thought it was done for then it started making new growth and the leaves were all twisted and curled because it was put back in 18-6 veg. It will grow through that with regular leaves and a ton of branching and buds sites . Of the

4 plants I have it has the most bud sites .


I named it Weirdo because of the way it grew . Check out Monster Cropping . My second indoor grow , trying a scrog and I have no clue what I’m doing . Getting information from this forum has got me this far . So Far So Good .


Bman - there is no such thing as failure - only delayed success. Keep on trying – I always keep a growing journal pasted to the inside of my 5 x 6 x 7 grow rm… If I enjoy success I have a record of what was done right as well as what was done wrong if I crash and burn… Kept one for my outdoors grows also…

Above all plant more than one seed at a time… I just planted four seeds Bubble Gum, Strawberry Ice, and Grape Ape, even though one or two of each I still have better chances of success. This is my 3rd indoor , second sucked dramatically (bugs) but I still pulled off a decent harvest…

You’ve come to the right forum - pick the brains of the experienced ones here – read past posts with your problem also – more times than not you’ll find your solution…

Keep growin –



I would wait a week or two before I gave any more nutrients. Remove side lighting for now. Most LED panels (even the cheap ones) will generally give you a strong 3-4 foot area of coverage. Lift the light until your floor turns white even though the light may though the hues focus on what hits the floor. You ARE okay in your grow. It is good she is in a large pot now. She may be stump but because of tight tiers your branching will be amazing. She will grow slowly due to initial mistake, but 1.IT’S ALIVE!


@dbrn32 @Covertgrower so this happen. I took the led lights and put them over head and i also have all the lights on a timer so it gets complete darkness. 6 days sence my last update. I really do appreciate all the advice i have gotten from everyone here and to keep telling me not to give up. Hopfully she keeps going. Small plant was just for laughs. It popped tho lol. Happy new years everyone


@Bman88900 how high is your light above the plant? From what i can tell it seems to be a regular flood light. Yiu may want to spend a few dollars and invest in some actual grow lights and toss those LED strips. Im not sure they are contributing much to the actual grow.
@dbrn32 knows about lights and can help