Im throwing in the towel :/


It looks like she is in shock.
Buy a cloth pot for 3 bucks on ebay, buy a bag of Fox Farms Ocean Forest, a water meter and transplant it.
Then Buy the Fox Farms three and follow the directions.
They have a help phone number.
I called them and emailed them a lot when I was starting, and they really helped me a lot.
She needs some love quick!


One other thing I forgot to add.
I have found it is better to start with a 4 inch seedling pot then move it up to a medium size then go to your final pot.
I was told it helps the roots develop better and it does.


@Coperthwhite7, I think it makes a difference too- I planted three seeds. One of the seeds i let form a tap root before planting in a small quadrant off area , One soaked over night, no tap, planted in small area first. The third seed I soaked over night, and then planted it into a 3 gal pot. The seed I planted in the 3 gal pot is small; half the size of the other two. I am playing around with different approaches. There are obviously different variables to consider; such as genetics, but “potting up” seems to be ideal.


Believe me :joy::joy::joy: you did not ask the stupidest questions … I never find someone like me and I read a lot on here
This was my first post here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: sow I will be the :crown:
(my english is a little better now)

I am new and more that a beginner…
1 Autoflowering feminizated seeds produce seeds?
2 What about male’s? Bubs?
3 Hermes?


Only way itll herme is by stress. Its also only way to get seeds from all fem plants but they also may inherit the herme. Gotta have a male for good seeds.


I know that now lol


@Gone don’t give up. I’m a first time grower as well. I did have my ups and downs. But the information I got from people on these forums really helped. I also did do a lot of research myself. I had to tell myself not to give up, I got this. Yes I did make many mistakes and my plants suffered badly. But I didn’t throw in the towel. I went and dif a huge amount of research, also the grow bible and all the great people here helped tremendously.


You know… In the end the cause of death was root shock. I trasported her. Root shock only. My first grow was a successful ome so I guess i just wasnt expecting a loss. Strikes you defiantly some type of way. Well lesson learn Unfornualtly. Still gonna pot her in the woods somewhere. See if shes strong enough to survive the winter. Just cant throw her away. Any how , I now have one more planted and just waiting as of now. I appreciated everyones help . i did do a suppport ticket on one forum . I think i have the info im looking for and I think i will take it from here guys. Hopefully i will be back with good results @bob31 @dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971


Glad to see you still here @Bman88900.




Saying my final good bye to her tonight :confused:


I encourage you to check my post " I believe ILGM" I HAVE HAD MANY FAILURES It is natural. What you accomplished was to establish your environment. Weed will not grow in a improper environment so pay attention make changes. This is minor. Dont quit. The stuff will grow but there is a trial and error period as all learning processes.


Also a few quick cheap tricks to know. Enclosed sprouts and newly germed seeds at least until they are 4" tall. If they get sick after they are uncovered cover back up until you can figure out what it is in the environment killing your babies. Leaf count development or spread should not discourage you to remove too fast. Keep them there until tiers 3-4 appear on plant. Or going into veg.i cover my plants with cut 3 liter bottles thus giving them plenty of space to get big. I usually start my sprouts in 4" jiffy pots placed in pan on water covered by 3 liter bottle until they are in veg.stage. avoids pest and keeps humidity high. NO NUTRIENTS or Fertilizers!!! Mycros yes. Anything else NO!!! TRUST MOTHER NATURE THE STUFF DOES NOT NEED HELP GROWING JUST PROTECTION


I use those big Hawaiian Punch bottles for covers. They have to be clear of course.


I left her alone for almost two weeks. I was just gonna let her die by herself. Couldnt bring myself to leave it in the woods to 10 days later without water and still had lights it survived… I was not expecting. It to be. But now There is a new thing going on… I have no idea but its starting to grow white pistons now. Clear as day . Its about 10 inches tall now. Im not proud of this thing. Total $hit show but what are yall thoughts. Timer is on a 18/6 but led strips stay on. I have some amnesia haze otw but not gonna plant until Feb. Just crazy shes still pushin


The light cycle out side and Temps may have made her panic and flower. Just keep lights at 18/6 and she will veg out, probably turning in to a monster!!
The will to live is strong with that lass.
Keep er going


@Bman88900 are you running any lights other than those LED strips?


@Bman88900 I accidentally flowered a 8" tall plant , then returned it to 18-6 and it went crazy . It slowed down growing for awhile but then it took off . Check it out , it’s still growing . Sometimes bad things turn out good .

… Monster cropping .


Pot up. My seedling in a solo cup stunted very similarly. When I finally potted up, I found roots that were almost 10x the volume of the plant above ground.

At a minimum, check your root ball and see if it’s constricted.

Disclaimer: very new to growing cannabis, but a long time gardener.


Make sure she is not root bound. The light cycle I really don’t know about. I keep it 16/8 with no light exposure for the 8 hours at all. Those LED strips may be confusing her. Also it won’t hurt to leave her on 16/8. Good luck but don’t give her up. Notice the things don’t die unless you choose to kill it