Im throwing in the towel :/


I can see difference in grow with lights at 6ft now as well. Much more rapid development. My plant has healed nicely with 4-6 weeks left.


That’s just it, law of inverse square pretty much proves that par levels won’t increase at greater distance. It will do exactly the opposite and decrease. The amount of light or ppf will never change. But the further the light source gets away from measuring point, the lower its intensity levels will measure.

Your plant count has absolutely nothing to do with par levels. The only relationship more plants would have with your light is that you would have to run your light higher to cover the extra floor space the additional plants take up. That’s where your intensity levels start to go down. The ideal height vs intensity is going to vary from light to light.

If whatever you have is working, then by all means keep doing that. I never claimed that you couldn’t grow weed with inexpensive lights right? Just didn’t feel your comment about higher quality lights wasn’t accurate. I think there are plenty of members here with recent upgrades in lighting proving otherwise.

If you’re having good results at 6’ light height that is pretty impressive. Do you have a journal with pics?


Check out
I believe ILGM
& "the recovery room"
Showing white widow at very first start of indoor grow, stealth to structured indoor grow. I think you may have liked a few. If not check me out.


shes loving life lol


So we trimmed her up real good about 4 days ago and now shes already back to her size again :neutral_face:

heres a pic of her today we start flowering in t minus 13 days. Any suggestions on more or less nutes? I know less nitrogen and more phosphate but wanna double check and should we increase nutes ? Is she gonna be more hungry now shes going into flower


She will get real hungry once the flowers are going. Looks real good. I dint know about them lower branches I know it seems dumb to loose them but you usually only get little tiny buds off them and they will take away from the colas. But if you just trimmed I wouldn’t do anything until you recover. I use. SCROG net so I chop all my lower branches off unless you have real good lighting down there. But it’s really just preference it’s still usable


@Bman88900 I would add a good blooming nute I grow Organically and I use The Biobizz range and also the Bio-Nova range witch has stand alone P and K or PK 13-14 I have used them and I couldn’t be happier so far just an opinion.


Well its a male :confused:

im humble. Ill keep on going . @dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Covertgrower @


Hmm. That looks like new growth not like male organs… But maybe I don’t see good :joy:.
Here are some charts :+1:m_and_f2b3106ef64aaabc8204cf42d5106d898eb5d5b4d7_1_666x500


I agree. Not sure I would call that a male from those pics


Damn it that’s a bummer. Always sucks


The solar setup I picked out consisted of 6 panels, 2 storage batteries, 2 converters. The flow isn’t constant however the system I have planned will deliver consistent power for 18 hours


For a 10’x15’ room? I’m afraid you’re mistaken. I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to do, but off grid systems need to be extremely oversized to account for low sunlight days. In something like a grow room where you can’t really afford to have varying power, off grid is very expensive to do. There’s way more too it than adding up what your lights and fan draw, and then covering night time hours with battery size.

It’s a lot different than covering your expected power draw with an on grid system.


Not true. If you use a hermie seed it may carry the hermie trait. If you pollenate with a male you will make “reg” seeds meaning could be male or female. If you want to make feminized seeds then you need to use female pollen to pollinate another female plant. The resulting seeds will be feminized, meaning the only grow into female plants.
A plant that is used for breeding should be as healthy as possible to carry strong healthy genes. There is a few differnt ways to get female pollen. There is a pre-mixed spray i believe is called “terris mist” or something close to that. You can also use C.silver, u can purchase at health food stores. Google it for the right PPM. But the basics is you spray the plant or branch u want to pollinate daily threw its veg growth, and then collect this pollen. Next brush the pollen on another female plant, and those seeds will be feminized.
I personally would not try to plant seeds from a hermie, get rid of those crappy genes and start with good genetics, it will make all the differnce in the long run.


I just saw the picture i also agree it looks like new growth


I had just harvested a plant I grew from a hermie seed. And yes it did get some seed in the plant but oddly enough it was only in the bottom stems. The smoke quality is real good . I got large colas . But I would also suspect if I grew from these seeds the seeds would probably be more prevalent. I’m not gonna see though but I thought I’d try and see what happens and honestly it want to bad .


@timmyv324 thats where I actually found seeds as well when i grew seeds from a hermi mother
Not just in one plant but in several
None in the main colas just down low in the popcorn buds which i process into rosin or hash
And the plant provided more viable beans lol anyway :+1: good observation my friend


@Countryboyjvd1971 yeah turn out it was. So the journey continues.


Have a nat problem guys :confused: any suggestions


Soil nats :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Sticky traps and de works well on nats
Get a light layer of de on top of soil hang stick trap also let soil dry out between waterings and feeds they need wet soil to lay eggs and hatch