Im throwing in the towel :/


We’re making it more technical than it needs to be. You will understand this way better.

If light A has higher efficacy(energy per watt) and a light spectrum with a higher rate of photosynthetic efficiency, and compared it to a light B that has lower efficacy and a spectrum that’s not as photosynthetically efficient, at the exact same power level, how would you expect the results to end up?

Not to say it will be a landslide or anything like that. But it’s a little ways from a fair comparison. If we put @MattyBear’s light against the 315 you could see what would win between efficacy and spectrum, and it pulls 60 Watts less. Or half of @Covertgrower’s light. Has more similar color rendering index and slightly lower efficacy. Either way, at least one aspect in each case would be in the same neighborhood.

Donaldj is light years beyond anything I’ll ever do as a grower, and I’ve already learned a ton from him. Do whatever he does and however he does it only really needs to make sense to him. I just wanted to point out that the 315 cmh has a pretty clear advantage in this case. Nobody ever accused good leds of being cheap.


All good buddy like I said I could also dim my LEC to 75% or lower if it would seem more even test? but cost-wise a 315 cmh is same price as what I am testing against. I also would allow for differential handicap since I won’t be running purely crees on one and that growth directly under each light source should be comparable with equal area under the other?
Honestly I am quite curious myself and want it fairly equal so I have a better idea as to what more money invested could result in


Yep, all good here too. From my standpoint, your opinion on things is very very well respected. As it should be! In the event that results are in favor of cmh (I believe they will be) I would be content with a disclaimer that this instance was far from the best leds have to offer.

I could totally get behind saying “here’s what you get for your money”. In which case it would only be fitting to run the cmh wide open. It will never be a perfect comparison. Because a 600 watt mh/hps in the right hands will smoke them both grams per $1. But I feel like that’s a lot more fair statement.


Then you get into the temp differences which may or may not equal efficiency on it’s own if I thought I could safely handle temps I would run 630 LEC
But my entire grow space consumes 1kw/h at peak and around 700w considering it is over 60sqft and provides it’s own heat even in the winter I think it runs pretty efficiently :wink:


For sure. They all have their ups and downs that need to be considered when selecting your lighting. And every situation is different.


After they legalize this summer I could see myself altering my entire grow space and setup with less concern of power use flags


My light is much more efficient than any of the China fixtures I have. I like it. @dbrn32 @timmyv324


@Bman88900 Soooo I guess we’ve decided not to throw in the towel this time? They look good to me.


i know right. I laugh every time i read the title. No were gonna keep pushing her. Im gonna flower her in about 3 weeks or so. Just topped at least 6 or seven tops. Gonna let her relax and recover from all the lst and see what happens from there .


She’s already in pre-flower and on her way. You’ll see that light is the most important thing about growing indoors.


It really is. Whos in preflower? Mine? She does stink very badly. Shes on a 18/6 schedule tho? She wont flower on me will she not that i know of. Also i want the most i can get out of her so even tho i have a good light set up now i want to have at least another 300 watts light for the buds . i have a couple other ones going also but they are a easy as can be. Learn alot from my ones . ready to plant the amnesia haze but i still want to get one successful harvest before i attempt my autos.


Yours looks great


@Bman88900 Your plants are definitely in pre-flower. Mine are only at 4 weeks. I’ll probably top and FIM in the next couple of days. If you think they stink now, wait until you see them in full flower.


Well damn lol well im gonna let her go 2 more weeks before i fully switch. Why exactly is she pre flowering? Sorry I thought i knew this


@Bman88900 When you see that new “yellowish” growth at the top, that’s the pre-flower. After the switch those will be little white flowers.


Have a look at the top-but-one node, do you see two very fine white hairs? That’s the female pre-flower

@Bman88900 Your plant is looking really good, so happy to see you winning


Preflower just means the plant is showing you it’s mature enough to flower. It’s normal, happens to just about all plants after enough time. You’re fine to carry on as you planned.


Thank you bud. I defiantly want to let her keep going for awhile. Me and @Fl.growr are buiding a air duct system and have alot more plans for her.


@Bman88900, Ain’t it great how a little growing brings people together.


Okay PAR @815 IS GOAL BUT MY 1Ks will burn as PAR increased with distance why can’t those distances be divided by the number of plants? All I’m saying is my cheapo’s are working and I’m not trying to help no one but myself. So I don’t need to produce vast amounts of the stuff. Right now I’m just a student/scientist/engineer/lab rat. Successful person achieving dreams and enjoying what is and should be natural and free. Like aloe.