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@Donaldj and @dbrn32. Hey guys I finally got to the grow store and got the make of that light plus they had another bigger light this time supposed to replace a 1000w Hid it made by Horticutural lighting supply . Made in USA but it $1050.00. The one I was talking about is this one . They had 1 bulb and 2 bulbs. But this 4 bulb is supposed to replace a 600w I think. Tell me what you think about it

Dimmable CREE CXB3590 400W, CF Grow, COB LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Replace HPS 600W 800W Growing Lamp for Indoor Hydroponics Greenhouse Plant Flower Vegetables Bloom Growth Lighting


2 of these would be cheaper :wink: and likely do the trick for you


@Donaldj. So those 2 lights will replace a 1000w hid ?? That would b way cheaper. They do have double and single light fixtures 2 but I guess I was asking him what would replace my 1000w I have a 10x10 and I use 2 -1000wlights. I usually grow 2 large plants in a 7x8 SCROG set up. If that gives you a better idea what I’m trying to do


Oh sweet! So they had the the hlg-550. That has four of horticulture lighting groups 3000k quantum boards. They are indeed third party tested to produce single ended 1000 watt hps par levels. The big ticket with them is quantum board kits. They sell a handful of them and the parts individually. You can generally save about 30-50% getting the parts and assembling yourself. Or growerslighs sells most of them assembled for an extra couple bucks. If you want to see what they can do, @MAXHeadRoom @MattyBear @Rugar89 @Onlythebest79 and @ntmaremach all have some configuration of them in play. Coincidentally, the kit that rugar89 has is actually 600 watt and is cheaper even after paying for assembly than the 550. But there’s also 20% discount code right now for the 550 and hlg-550.

As far as the other lights go, they appear to be ok. Cree is the first name and n high performance leds. Unfortunately, there’s a big problem gap in performance in the led bins. The binning process is pretty much performance testing the leds. The ones that perform the best get assigned a code and are labeled as TOP bin. For instance, the quantum boards only use top bin (s6) Samsung 561c diodes. When the quantum boards were designed, this was the most efficient diode available in the world. That’s no longer the case, but they’re like arguably sill top 3. In the Cree cxb 3590 platform, the difference between top bin and the lower bins is almost twice the light per watt. In any of these commercial fixtures you don’t know which bib you’re getting. But you can pretty much be sure they’re not the top bin just from pricing and availability. So slapping a cree name on it is better than some no name knock off, but it doesn’t mean you’re getting best available tech either.

As far as the lights @Donaldj linked, they seem attractive for price. But they want to lead you to believe they have Cree 3070 series. Looking through the description, it seems to reference they are like the 3070. I’m pretty sure this roleadro is what @Countryboyjvd1971 has and reported it emits a pink hue, that’s not a 3070. Also, they’re driven beyond their ideal drive current. Without spending a lot of time going into depth on the reasons, I wouldn’t consider that light as being in the same performance class with it’s more expensive counterparts.


Just to clarify i do not own the cree version of the Roleadro lights which may have a different spectrum as the older cob lights the cree version is the newest of the Roleadro lline to my knowledge
and wasn’t available when I purchased mine @dbrn32


Thanks @dbrn32 and @Donaldj for the info. Now my head is really spinning. Lmao. That’s a lot of dough but I know the long time saving is huge. My problem is I can’t just buy 1 so I’m looking at a huge investment to buy 4 . I’m in the process of planning a bigger room and the LED will save me a lot in prep such as fans and duct work . Plus being in an upstairs space the heat is also a plus for me. I’ve been dealing with this grow store for a few good years now. I know them guys real well I don’t think they would rip me off plus they r selling them lights the same price as online . I’m just afraid I’ll go drop a couple grand then another new light comes out that’s cheaper and better. I guess that’s my problem is I have upgraded many light through the years and they all work well but I never seen any dramatic change . But then they were all basically HID lights so I guess same ,same


Out of likes, but thanks for clearing that up.

Here’s my issue regardless. The cxa3070 is 36v cob with max current of 2.8 amps. So even powered to its limit it’s a 100 watt cob. There’s no way to get to 400 Watts from two of them. Not a huge deal right, as we’re use to seeing this type of stuff from budget light manufacturers. The bigger part here is that it probably is powered to max, which absolutely kills the efficiency of the Cree and the whole reason you’d be looking at them in the first place. For shits and giggles, I pulled bin chart too just show that you never know what you’re getting.


Out of likes, again lol.

You always have to do whatever will make you feel most confident. High performance leds may not be the best option for you, no doubt. That being said, if you see some value in possibility moving to led, wouldn’t you be able to buy one instead of all four and run a couple of grows under it? Not a doubt in my mind that something better will be out next year either lol. All the more reason to possibly look at one fixture before deciding to jump in feet first. Like you said, it’s a lot of cash.


Yes in deed. I think that’s what I’m kinda leaning toward. Is maybe buying a 2-4 bulb unit and using it in my veg room that I currently use 2-t-5 units in. And replace the 2 with one and go from there. The guy at the store said his yield decreased by about 5% but who’s to say something else could have a factor in that. But I think that my conclusion. I’ll buy one and see how it goes if it’s feeling good to me I’ll look I into remortgaging the house to buy a room full lol . Thanks a lot for all the info.