Im throwing in the towel :/

So i have been growing mynplant for almost 6 weeks. At some point it stopped growing completely. I recently found a pic of my first plant i grew and compared to the age and size of this one im almost certain it has stunted. Here is a pic of my first plant at 5 weeks

and this one is the one i have at the same age . no idea what to do now. Probably take it to the woods somewhere and let it be. Just sucks

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Over watering
Lack of drainage
Nitrogen deficient
Ph water and nutes needed


@Bman8890 same post, please continue posting here. It would be helpful if you didn’t reproduce topics with the same issue.


I think its time for me to leave this site.

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There’s alot of information out there to help you reach your goals , but it takes alot of work , time and commitment…
Don’t feel bad , it’s not for everyone…
I know more people that have given up on growing , then I do that grow… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


I had the same issue. What you need to do is leave the site, contemplate on what you learned, make decisions on your own, then come back and tell us how it went


Don’t give up bro go get you some fox farm soil and try again


Too bad you didn’t fill out the support ticket I offered you ten days ago. She’d probably be exploding in new growth by now. Lots of good folks here wanting to help you, but you have to help us by giving us the info we need to help you.

Best wishes! @Gone


That is the truth my friend! People think they can spend an hour or two trolling the web and drop a couple hundred bucks, and they’ll be growing trees. In reality it’s more like months of research, a few thousand bucks, and another year or so figuring out how little you really know. Even then, you’ll still spend the rest of your life mastering different techniques and learning the new equipment.


I’m going on my 9th year at this Hobby and I am still tinkering and adjusting and building new thing’s everyday to achieve my never ending goals… :wink:
I’ve exceeded my expectations a long time ago and never imagined the things that I could have accomplished back when I decided to take on this journey … if I had given up every time $hit hit the fan , I’m not sure what hell I would be in and the poor people that I help… :wink:
:v: :sunglasses:


I’ve been growing for more than 30 years. Every year you add more knowledge and set your next goal. Learn learn learn, then you will recognize that mistakes make perfection. Perfection may never come, but you will come close. :sunglasses:


Don’t I know this first hand…

It’s like I need to do the studying required for degrees in plant biology, chemistry, mechanical and electrical engineering.


I think his username says it all------------->Gone! You are welcome back anytime!!!


Best part about being here in my opinion. You try to bring something to the table to help others, and then hopefully the others will be able to fill the gaps with other aspects you’re not as well versed in.

Not that you have to bring a particular skill set, but if you can help it seems genuinely appreciated. If you’re completely green, that’s no big deal either. Use the resources to learn, ask the questions, and later on down the road help the next guy or gal.


With seeds you always take your chances. Strains have different phenotypes and you just might get a bad one. You have to be prepared to fail if you want to succeed, just like every other endeavor in life. It isn’t the fact that you failed that determines your character, it’s the fact that you failed and then got up on that horse and tried again.

This is why few people just plant a single seed. Every seed you plant may not thrive.


Well said.


Well said my friend.
Also is better to have more than one suggestion for a problem…
We learn everyday a one new thing and forget two :sunglasses:(lol I just try my new product and…YeeeeeP!)


I was a house plant killer. But i wanted to grow cannabis for several reasons. I read, i asked & i read again. I can honestly say i had no clue when i came here but i had a hunger to grow. I asked every stupid questions, but waited if my gut said no until i found the answer usually from one of the great guys here. If you have a passion to grow this wont stop you.


Thanks for sharing. Im with you, ill probably always find ways to tweak my grow & got the ideas here. Even though its a weed you cant just stick in dirt & expect the best. If you want the best you have to give your best every day.


Hey, I can’t tell you how I felt during my first four failures.
I felt so miserable I got really depressed.
I wish I would’ve known now, what I didn’t know then.
And I wish someone would’ve told me.
It’s actually quite simple. U need to follow a few basic guidelines.
0. Buy yourself a 600 watt LED light on ebay. I got my first one for $150.00.
1.Use Fox Farms soil and nutrients. They have great customer service help.
2.Use cloth pots.
3. Buy a water meter on ebay.
4. Don’t move your plants around or, stress them out in any way.
5. Find your designated grow space.
6. Separate your Veg room from your Flower room.
7. Make sure your Flower room is bigger.
8. Get some type of ventilation system. Fan, whatever. I use a bathroom fan for exhaust with ABS 90’s to keep it light tight… $15.00 on ebay. ABS 90’s you can get at Home Depot.
9. Invest in an A/C unit and a 30 pint dehumidifier.
10. Make sure the temperature stays between 68 and 75 degrees at all times and it is completely dark and light tight in your Flower room.
11. Don’t let it get too humid in the Flower room because of bud rot and mold. I suggest 40%.
12. Make sure your girls get 13 hours of uninterrupted sleep in a dark, light tight ventilated room.
I use Black ABS 90’s. as big as you can buy to create light tight vents.
Part of the reason I’ve had the success is, I use all Fox Farms everything.
Soil, nutrients and specially Cha Ching.
It makes it way easier than trying everything else!
I bought some cloth bags and a decent 600 W LED light for $160 bucks on eBay.
Wish I would have spent the extra money and bought the mars pro lights for $250.
I also have a five dollar water meter.
You also have to get the plants out of plastic pots, as soon as possible and into the cloth pots.
I also invested in a $120 air conditioner and a $140 dehumidifier
The reason being, is because to grow good Canabis indoors you have to keep the temperature between 68° and seventy-five 75°F as I stated earlier.
It can very a bit but, it needs to stay around there.
Also, you don’t want the humidity over 45%.
That’s my opinion.
I want to avoid mold and bud rot at all costs and drop it down as far as I can when the buds are about ready to harvest 25%.
I use cloth pots and I feed every other watering.
I always use my water meter because, every single plant I have ever had has been different.
One will be dry, while the other needs another day or two before watering.
You need to know.
They sell water meters on eBay.
I also have to keep track of which plant I have fed, and which plant I have only watered.
So, I bought some of those colored plant identifiers.
I throw a green one on top of the soil, when I have fed them, don’t put anything in there when they’ve just been watered and I put a white one in there when they’re on their 14 day flush.
Also, when sprouting, it has to be a warm place.
It helps the seedlings if they are in a warm place as well.
So, my grow room has one completely separate room inside the original bedroom.
I took a bedroom, built one separate room inside that and made it light tight where the flowers are blooming because, they need complete darkness.
It took me about a year to do all that. Not every day. A day at a time.
Actually, I sprout everything by the fireplace where it’s really warm.
If you can’t afford to build rooms you can buy cheap comforters.
I used my closet first with the comforter over it at night, and the veg room in my hall closet.
Because, one area has to have 20 hours of light a day and the other area only has to have 11 hours of light a day.
Those are the basic things you need.
They’re not unobtainable.
Just have to invest few hundred dollars, a lot of hard work and A LOT OF LOVE.
I think the Goldleaf is this the best strain I have purchased from ILGM.
It turned out to be one of the top three I’ve ever smoked in my life and I’m 56 years old.
The first time I grew it though, because I had the temperature up to 88 degrees, the buds came out loose and it wasn’t as good.
Be prepared spent a lot of time when you’re learning.
I go at least three times a day to my grow room, if not more like seven.