I'm thinking she's turning on me !hermey!

The past week this girl been off from the rest. Bright green leaves and not stiffening up. This morning I noticed what looks to be ballsacks. I have her separated from the rest making a decision on what to do next… destroy or try to find some non affected areas to clone from

The pictures below are the other girls all the same age.

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I’m not sure ask @daz49 he should know if not @Willd he might be able to shed light

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Thanks bud. Cheers

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No problem

Don’t ask don’t know as I found out

Yup…knowledge is key.

With all things

Theres no question. It’s a he she

I would trash it quick

Looks like it maybe balls in the first couple pics. Try to photogragh again with a more steady hand if possible

Definitely calls for little concern however it’s a little tough to tell exactly what’s going on in the pictures but I do think I see some ball sacks to.

You got one or two options

  1. Cut it down
  2. Separate it from the rest of the plants and see how she responds over the next week. If she did hermie it will start showing at an exponential rate here over the next week

You’ve got to be careful though because I thought that I have had ballsacks before and it was just something that was a figment of my imagination, after discovering what I thought was the first ball sack no other ones appeared


U have pistils which means it started as female but none of the balls have pistils coming from them. If it were my plant I would trash it fast

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Thanks my friends… Yeah she’s currently out of the grow room or he I should say LOL. I had a feeling something wasn’t going right she has not been drinking as much water as the rest and she’s flimsy not rigid

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These are not signs of a hermaphrodite

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Oh I know period. Just signs that something wasn’t right

Males actually mature quicker

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What would bright green foliage indicate cuz it is super bright compared to the rest

Nitrogen toxicity. Or just a different phenotype

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Ok. Yeah they’re clones from green crack. I was having draining issues with her for quite a while thinking I stressed the piss out of it when I was weaving 2 ml wire through the soil to help with drainage…that was month ago…

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