I'm thinking of adding one of these organic co2 generators, I'm kind of iffy has anyone tried it ? If so please give me some insight thanks


I purchased one but not to sure if it would be good or if it will even work thanks


Until you try it , how will you really know…



let us know!:+1:


I agree with both of these gentleman.



Yes they work great in small grow space , I have one running right now and it gives your plants about an 25% increase in growth .


Thanks Yoshi
I just put it on two new autos candy cane and dwarf low flyer , I also put them in the 5 gal maxx pot . We will see what kind of grow I will have lol. Yoshi is it true to leave them alone until day 20 before I give it any nutes or water ? Here a few pics of those little girls … :+1:


@Wigsplit yes it is true you don’t give nutrients until those little round leafs that first pop out start turning yellow and depending on your soils nutrient level probably will be okay for a while after that . Now watering is something to be careful with. It is very easy to over water for the couple of weeks just use a spray bottle and give the soil a good misting till damp not wet . Even when I started watering I used this little bottle so they didn’t get much and I put it in a ring around the outside of the root ball so they have to stretch to reach it .


You wait until you have 5 true sets of leaves then start.



Those pots are phenomenal , they allow your soil and root zone to get the right amount of Carbon monoxide and the release of oxygen . Every plant I’ve seen grown in those were awesome yields !


Awesome well I guess I’m going the right direction :+1::+1:
Thanks Yoshi


Oldstoner thank you for the info. :+1:
By the way they are in fox farm soil Ocean.


Okay I grow in the fox farm ocean forest and you should be okay on the nutrients until you are almost ready to transition to flowering. Just water in the proper ph. range and she will do just fine for quite awhile. Also this is what I used for Co2


The exhale works but I think you need multiples to get a desire range of 1500 ppm of Co2 , are hot ice is another alternative but please , please be extremely careful if you decide to used hot ice it will burn the hell out you if you are not careful , and the GroBro Co2 generator with yeast and sugar works really good also here is a photo .


This one probably last a lot longer hu ?


7-10 days is about often I change out the mixture .


Went and got the bottle thanks Oldstoner


Ah ok :ok_hand:t2: thanks again Yoshi somehow this is begging to be our grow :seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling:


What I did was mist the plant and soil and used the bottle to water just outside of where I thought roots were to encourage the roots to reach out for water . Letting the soil dry out occasionally makes the roots spread out looking for a drink


Got it … your the best Oldstoner :+1:


Yeah @yoshi I was wondering if the Exhale bag was really even working or not . This is the larger of the bags but I still dont think it really matters with or without it . It said they work for a year which I doubt but I will leave it up any how just in case and start using the vinegar baking soda thing when i start the next grow.