I'm thinking I don't have much longer

I’m thinking about 3 more week should do it!


My amateur guess would be another 2 weeks


Maybe more than 3 weeks, I will say 4-5 but depending on how you manage your grow. FB_IMG_1505801639657


My first impression was 4 weeks so I’d have to go with @M4ur on this one. But knowing what strain would help out a great deal as well. And even then that can very by as much as 3-4 weeks. I’ve seen strain descriptions say flowering time is 8-12 weeks. Some of these hybrids have so many different pheno types in them even the breeder doesn’t always know what there getting with newer strains. So you may be right on the money or way off the truth is you want know until it’s time. Are atlest you decide it time to harvest. But it seems like you understand what your looking for , so if you harvest and don’t like the results simply adjust on the next grow and you’ll be where you want before long.


Yes it all depends on you how potent you want your weed

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That’s what I call hair or pistils to some. I bet it will turn out nicely

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just bag seed, so unfortunately, I don’t have the advantage of knowing the genetics, all I know is that they are really beginning to fatten up… They hermed on me but I have been picking bananas when I see them

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I’m only a week into flower and have bananas… if I pull all I see, can I save it? I don’t want to risk the others.

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With such a good looking plant, no hurry to harvest! Let Mother Nature doing her job, being precise regarding the exact weed to harvest is always a little bit difficult, just grab your best microscope and look for the tricomes colours!!

My experience tells me that what’s written in terms of flowering period is just here to give you a range of days, but in reality, your whole grow process can change that! If they manifested some troubles hard to cure, but that you finally got them back healthy, you will of course need to cut way later that what it is supposed!

I’m saying that as an example, but your plant didn’t seem to have suffered much, so you are close to the harvest date!

Depends on what you want for a high. I thought the same thing (2 weeks). 5 weeks later and I’m still waiting for 50% Amber trichomes per the ILGM experts.

Sorry if I sound like a buzzkill. I need the most powerful stuff I can get for pain.


You don’t i do same thing