I'm thinking about letting my first plant go untouched in tent to use as a control


Do you think that is a good idea? I will water and feed as needed but no pruning or lst. It’s blueberry ghost OG auto. It’s the first time to use a tent and It’s my first auto too. I don’t have much experience.



Iv personally not done autos but as far as i can tell they are ment to be left alone, apart from watering/feeding. Set the lights and let it be.
Some people have experimented with LST and topping so just letting it grow will do just fine :ok_hand:


It should be fine as long as you have enough height… I am not familiar with the strain characteristics. How tall is your tent, and what kind of lights will you be using? That will determine how much vertical space you have to work with.


Just put her into her forever home asap and wait. Auto’s don’t like to be transplanted like photo’s


Agreed they will stall on growth when you transplant and when you top that will stall and extend the grow time by atleast a week with photos it is a lot easier to do top and fim and all that do to you have to switch light times to induse flower autos go when they are rdy so top them early so you don’t end up with a popcorn plant


Thank you all! It’s great to have such a good source of info.