Im thinking about crossing at regular ducksfoot photoperiod with a white widow auto

Hi guys i have ducksfoot photoperiod regular seeds im thinking about planting the two seeds i have to see if i get a male so i can cross breed it with a white widow auto ,i know the ducksfoot yeilds alot and so does the white widow and both of them are quite high in THC now my question is what is the best way to go with this cause i want to keep the pollen from the male ducksfoot to cross breed it with other strains aswell

Dutch Passion did just that, it’s their auto duck

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Yah i seen that but i dont have the dollars to pay the money they want for it

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I Just realised that i dont have anymore white widow auto seeds so i mite cross it with critical plus or critical purple instead


Ive just got the ducksfoot seeds in water at the moment so i will soon see if they are goin to pop

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I bought a 3 pac of the auto duck and grew one so far it didn’t do real well I put it outside and it was cloudy and rainy for the first and last month the middle month was haf in the 100s every day with the rains in the last month it ended up with some bud rot and found a dozen or so caterpillars I did a good bud wash before drying it I soaked it in peroxide water mix for 10 minutes and still found a live caterpillar when I was cutting it up to jar. I guess what I’m saying is whatever could have gone wrong did :laughing: :rofl: I have two seeds left I’m gonna put them out in the spring and see what happens. The duckfoot strain isn’t very good to begin with but I can’t convince the ol lady that no one is going to notice a plant or two in amongst her flowers if I train them low. The duckfoot for obvious reasons is the only way I can grow outside, well I could do it I just wouldn’t hear the end of it especially if someone jumped the fence and stole one lol :laughing:
This is it right before I cut it down it was early but I had already lost a branch to rot


Nice looking plant good solid bud stacking

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