I'm the Black Sheep of the Family's New Set Up and Continuous Grow



Glad it’s all good now. There was a song on an old radio station promo album I had at some point. I forget the artist… Something Brothers, I believe, but the song was “Somedays Chicken”, and the chorus was:

Somedays Chicken, Somedays chicken shit
Somedays watermelon, somedays the pits
Somedays you stand there, others you get hit. Well
Somedays Chicken, Somedays chicken shit.

Hang in there, brother!


I think that I remember that. Unfortunately, it is what it is. I’m gonna be dealing with this crap, as long as I can stay vertical. Adjust, adapt and carry on. I’ve had to deal with, this kinda crap, most of my adult life. Just getting tired of trying to come up with new ideas, of how to do things, so it don’t lay me up for a couple of days. You can either lay back and let life pass you by or you can grab it by both ears and ride the hell outta it :wink: :v:t4:


Maybe Doobie brothers. Lol. Idk. Are u just making auto seeds @repins12 ?? Or I doing fem photo and reg photos also


Insane plant count Gary!! Brother you have it Growing On! It’s Sunday chill with a drink and admire all your hard work :love_you_gesture:


Definitely was NOT the Doobie Brothers. Not the artists from the record, but it is the song:


Mark, I did several reg photos last year outback, just didn’t release many. The Fre King Duck that Darrell grew, was one. The Sneaky Freaky that Kimi’s growing, is another. There are a few others but, they are being grown on other forums. Trying for fem photos outback this year but, already have 1 male Liquor Cookies Moonshine x Chem D. It’s early, so gonna try to collect the pollen from him, for plan B. Plan a is to reverse one of the 2 female Liquor Cookies Moonshine and open pollinate, all of the phots, I got outback. Also perfecting, my Sobriety Check Point’s, which are photos, as well but, they will be reg’s. At least, that’s the plan now but, like I always say, with growing weed, the only givens are, that there are no givens. That’s why my seed runs are always fluid. Plan A, B, C, D etc. Adjust, adapt and carry on. That’s just the way we do it around here. Worst case scenario, I’ve got plenty of pollen, in the freezer, just all reg photo. :wink:
:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :poop:


Brother, you know me and my motto



I like that. I’ve heard it somewhere before, just cant remember where.
Anyone remember this?

:wink: :smiley: :smile: :grin: :laughing: :rofl: :joy:


Hilarious! Love the ain’t no body got time for that :joy::joy::love_you_gesture:


Yeah we can all tell your just barley keeping those poor things alive.:rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy::wink: . Your an awesome dude my brother inside and out. Not many around with abilities or heart like yours these days. Im thankful that our paths have crossed. I consider you one of the few people in this world that Ive met that still holds true to yourself and your beliefs. Keep on being your badazz self my brother. Cause you ROCK!:metal::metal::metal::v::heart::100::dash::dash:


I could always use some good pollen if ya need any help just holler bro.

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Very very well said. You care if I share that brother?


I hope that y’all are all enjoying the last of the fastest 2 days of the week or depending on where you are, it may already be Monday morning.
So, the Liquor Cookies Moonshine x Chem D, male

Got a little pruning

And I’m collecting, a bit of pollen

If any more nut sacks appear on the remainder of the plant, I’ll harvest it as well. :wink: :party_time: :a_little_behind:
Plants outback

Oly’s clone, seems to be bouncing back

45 gallon pot

Some shots of the others

German Duck clone from last year re-vegging??? Who knows

100 gallon pot

Volunteer auto, got a bad case of WPM and never quite recovered

Is that a friggin rat I see

I reckon y’all know, he met his demise. I snatched my wife’s garden hoe and let’s just say, he got to meet his maker :wink:
Part of wife’s veggie garden

Movin on. Front porch
Crazy 8’s Monkey Fruit

Volunteer autos

Behind the chair volunteer auto

Back porch family

The tent

I’ll harvest the above, as soon as I have, a seedling, to take it’s place
On to the nursery

Now that is truly all that I have, growwing on.
Not too exciting but, it is what, it is
Y’all have great evening. Be Safe, my friends :v:t4:
:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :poop:


Gary all I can say is Dayum!!! :exploding_head::scream::flushed:


@repins12 that might be the biggest fullest post I’ve seen to date, my ADD was starting to kick in lol. You’ve got a lot going on over there dude. Damn. :+1:t2:


Not too exciting huh? Where they heck you get that from. If that was my backyard and tent inside I dont think I could keep track of it. Lol you got it growing on brother!:+1::+1::+1:


Just wanted to give y’all a full run down, while things were a little slow , before I get too busy again :wink: :man_shrugging:t4: :man_facepalming:t4:


I kinda dig it a bit. Has that uppity beat makes ya wanna get up and do something. Well I need to get to stripping the bottoms of these clones so I don’t have a mess to deal with later on in life.


@Beck This is my journal, if you wanna take a look. :v:t4: