I'm the Black Sheep of the Family's New Set Up and Continuous Grow

@Ocean this is my journal :v:t2:

Thanks for the heads up–I’ll tag along!

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@neofraud_811 this is my journal, if you want to take a look :v:t2:

Thanks for the invite bud I’ll def read thru it!! I’ve got another one too I think you’ll like because it’s my grow room. Good morning growers, Newbie here (check it out bud) @repins12

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I don’t see the link or name of the post, brother. I would like to check it out

Maybe this will help.

Thanx @fast-grow. I tagged him in the original. I know how to quote from another post but how do you copy and paste just the title of a post? Do you happen to have any tricks up the sleeve?

The little chainlink fence icon in the bottom right of any posts lets you copy that post entry and you can then paste it in any other place and that will refer back to the post in question :nerd_face:

I went to your journal and copied the address bar from the top of the page and pasted it here. Pretty simple to do. From there you can edit what you want if you want to.

Ohhhhhh, ok thanx @fast-grow, @kaptain3d

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I hope that all of y’all out there in WEEDVILLE are vertical and kickin and that all is well. I reckon that it’s time for a little peek at what I got growing on here

Here are the autos
Smaller American Pie auto

Her break seems to be healing, with no care at all, when I broke it, I just propped it up and nothing else.

Zlittles auto

Larger American Pie auto

Mexican Airlines auto

Cinderella Jack auto

The Hydro plants
Gelato OG photo

Pounder photo

Money Maker photo

Blueberry Cheesecake photo

Watermelon Zkittles photo

White Strawberry Skunk

I broke a branch off of this one during my pruning and chiropractic session, figured I would try to get in a little cloning practice

Root riot in a shot glass under the bottom half of an empty half gallon. Wife said look, whiskey and weed, your 2 favorite things :+1:t2:
I hope that all is well with everyone. Be safe and Stay HIGH :+1:t2: :v:t2:

:+1:t2: :v:t2:
I’ll try to get up to the 2 outside plants and snap a few pictures, once it gets light outside.
Almost forgot. My new tool

This Jack’s does not seem to dissolve as well as the last line of nutes that I used. I’m not sold on the Jack’s just yet but, I’m gonna give it a fair shake :+1:t2: :v:t2:


Indoor girls are rockin brother.:+1::musical_score::guitar:
Lookin stellar.


Thanks Barry


Looks awesome bro,
Tent will be full in no time, the rate that hydro grows :eyes:

Keep it green Brother :v:


Looking great Gary!!! Keep on keeping on my brother!! :sunglasses::v::love_you_gesture:


Fantastic! Girls look good man! Won’t be long and that tent will be a jungle again.


Looking great ! :yum: Keep on Keepin on Brother ! :v:High Times :v:


Damn dude looking great!

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Thanks y’all. The kind words are much appreciated :+1:t2:
A couple of pictures of my outdoor plants
Barney’s Farm Glookies. I think that this was just a bad pheno. I usually have great luck with their genetics. Add to that the super late start and neglect that they have received

Ministries of Cannabis XXXL Big Bud. I can only imagine what this one would have done if, I had started it earlier and not neglected it

Both are in 20gal pots and broke ground the same day.
I hope that all is well with you and yours. Be safe and Stay HIGH :+1:t2:


@Arrow How are you doing this morning? Been kinda hectic around here. I hope that all is well on your side of the pond :+1:t2: :v:t2: