I'm the Black Seep of the Family's Continuous Grow Take Two

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3. Okay, so this is getting ridiculous, I can go to another site and post anything just fine. Didn’t want to do this but, lets see if it works.

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Well I’'ll be damned. I can actually post pictures if I create a new post. WTF is up with that??? I know that everyone was saying that this worked, I just didn’t want to gum up the system anymore than it already was. Hopefully whenever they get this crap figured out they will be able to merge this with my intended Journal, again WTF??? Why can I post here and not on my actual journal. Oh, well it is what it is. I held off doing this in hopes that they would get er figured out. Been damn near if not over a month.
Okay here are some of my latest pictures.

Good Shit auto. She kinda dwarfed out on me. I think that she got stressed when I was fighting with the 2 males a while back. Oh well, something is better than nothing.

Wedding Cheesecake auto

Purple auto. Getting some color in the bud :+1:

Blackberry Gum auto

Gorilla Glue auto

Peyote Gorilla

Strawberry Lemonade

Liquor Cookies Moonshine X Chem D
Doing a little defoliating. Working on the right side at the moment. Still got a ways to go.

second little waste can almost full. I think that I will get over 4 waste cans when I get to the Peyote Gorilla, just off of the one plant. I will try to post a barrage of photos in a while, probably when I get back from town, in an attempt to show the progress before the site got all wigged out on me.
I hope that all is well with my brothers and sisters out there in Weedville. Y’all be safe and Stay HIGH :+1: :v:


Looks like I might be back in business but, have to keep my shit in 2 places now. WTF. I’m gonna tag a few of y’all. Let the others know if you would if the would like to come see my current pictures and I will try to post pictures back to when this snafu started, as long as it doesn’t lock me out again. :v:
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Let’ see how long this works

More to come :+1:


Still unable to post pictures, emojie’s, meme’s, gif or anything else except for here. WTF???


I can see what you put up. Looks great. But what. One post only ?


Yeah this is the only place that I can post anything other than a simple reply. I can post emojie’s elsewhere but have to type them out, a real PIA. I just wanted to check to make sure that this was working before I put the effort to post the backlog of pictures. I think that they have my account all jacked up or something. I really tried not to have to start another post. Maybe I will be able to merge this one with my original when they get this BS figured out


holy moly, sorry bro just checking if my photos would work… happy days… I may just restart one… :smile:

looking great btw… :grin:


Thanks brother. I tried not to have to start a new post, didn’t want to eff the system up anymore than it already was


Your plants are looking awesome as usual my friend :+1:



Looking great ! I can see you been very busy


Thanks. I just wanted to share with all of y’all what I have had growing on. Gonna try to put my backlog up as long as it allows me. I am going from today back to when I was first unable to post anything. Still unable to do much anywhere else. I hope that all is well with you and yours :+1:


I can’t post any of those media. I’ve tried everything I can think of doing. Deleted cookies, iOS, windows, old computers new computers, old browsers, new browsers, different browsers. It’s really too bad I really like this community but find myself coming here less and less.


I know the feeling. I was going to another site to post my journal.

Dammit that didn’t last long, unable to post pictures again already. I think that I am just gonna have to carry on my journal on the other site. I was hoping that this was gonna work. I reckon that I was hoping for too much.

I’ll try once more when I get back from town


Thanks good to hear from you ! everything is doing well . Need a little rain for the vegetable garden.


Yeah I was holding off watering my plants in the 20gal pots outdoors but, had to break down and give em some water last night


I’m keeping my fingers crossed to the day that I can have a 20 gallon pot outside.