Im Tapping in finally for help

im at 25% dim on my lights and their about 20 inches above my canopy.
I also have an electric space heater thats prolly suckin the moisture out too. i keep it outside my grow tent though.

is that why yall use radiator type heaters?


Is it possible for you to pull your fresh air from the heated living space. Or frame in a room in basement an control temperature and humidity in the room you’re pulling the fresh air.
(Lung room)

is this like advanced nutrients voodoo juice?

I have built a grow room in my basement that I have my grow tent in. Its prolly about 13 to 14 feet long x 6 feet width. I framed up a wall and make up door I still need to put hangers on and finish but yeah i can that’s where the space heater is


Do you have an overhead heat duckwork that you can tap into for heat or air. Everybody situations is a little different .

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yeah right outside of it the grow room the main ducting for central air runs through it.


I also use a space in the basement , need a little help in the Winter on heat but other than that I’m pretty good.


the ducting does not flow into my grow room though i havent piped anything to it. i use a space heater but like a bedroom size one

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You don’t have to kill yourself chase the “perfect ratio” but it is goid information to have.

From my experience and this is exactly what i do.

Seedling stage over 75% usely requires a dome to achieve for me.

Veg stage over 50% no mater how high long as its over 50%

Flower stage under 50%

They would probably like a higher humidity in flower but, the risk of mold in the buds as they get fat out weights their comfort so best to keep it under 50% in flower…


Oh and most definitely a radiator type will effect humidity less then one that blows air around.

You could try and i don’t know if it would work but place a buck of water with a towel hanging over the edge like a wick in front of the heater so the hot air is blowing on the towel…

This should in theory be a “diy” humidifier.
The air out if the heater is super dry and it will pull the water out of the towel (or rag not necessarily a big bath towel) and adding to the RH…

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Your going to need a humidifier for sure 12% is way low, my room stays near 77F and 44% most of the time I live in the desert so our humidity levels stay around 10% most of the year dipping into the low 5s if there isn’t any precipitation. Here is what I use in my super dry environment it’ll cost you less than $40 shipped and takes ALL the variables out so you can keep a consistent hold on your moisture levels

The controller turns on and off your humidifier when it reaches your preset limits. :blush: :droplet:.

Happy cultivating growmie.
Happy holidays.

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Most growers like 50+% when vegging from what I’ve seen and heard. For some reason, in my environment the room settles in happily right at 44%@77F, I’ve found in my case abundant air flow directed at the base of the plant prevents any excess moisture hanging out as dew drops on my inner foliage and keeps the plants “dancing” all of the time strengthening the stalks and stems eliminating the need for any skewers or supports.

Note: this is just what I have found to work for me, not intended to be any form of guide or strategy that guarantees success.



I’m not sure what it is exactly. It seems to be on the perlite. It has never grown beyond the small amount in the pictures. I think once it gets under more intense light and not under a dome it is killed off.

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I have my intake fan blowing directly of the fabric / rain science bags.

Mine blows down into pot at the base of the plant. Not at the base of the pot, sorry should have been more specific. I like electronics cooling fan as they draw very little power, produce great airflow, are very quiet, and are extremely compact and light so I can fix them right to inside of my pots and very close to the plant. With the airflow blowing up and out of the plant it prevents anything from settling on my flowers and leaves, we have dogs and cats and have had a problem with shed hairs clinging to plants in the past.

I personally noticed a big decrease in the amount of foreign matter in my flowers (mostly animal hair) after changing my air flow setup. Previously we had oscillating fans blowing toward the plants and were blowing everything in the air toward the sticky flowers.

With the small high velocity fans inside the pots and the airflow directed up and out prevents anything from settling on my plants. It also disrupted the gnats that we had hanging around the plants so much that they moved out.

they’re also very low cost. :grin:
12v @ 0.08A = .96w
Electricity in my area is $0.22/kWh
Running only when lights are on each fan costs about $0.07 a month to operate. I have 2 in each plant. Eliminating the need for a large circulatory fan. I still use an inline 6” for the air exchange rate to stay at acceptable levels.

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Yes indeed that would be an excellent choice.

I got them transplanted today into 1gal bags ffhf and ffof mix. My humidity went up but i been misting put a open container and a wet rag in front of the heater. Didnt get a radiator heater yet though. Ive had everything open while doing stuff down there thats why my temp is down it should climb back up soon. I also closed the bottom vent windows to help moisture retention

One of my plants i transplanted roots were semi brown and not very many visible roots. idk if it will make it.


i see i forgot saucers

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about to it order this

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It appears that the solo cup setup may be suffocating the plants, the roots need oxygen it the vents on your cups are covered by another container or are sitting in water they may struggle a bit more, I poke TONS of holes in my solo cups to allow for drainage and breathing, if it were me I’d either opt for fabric pots or smart pots, I’ve never had any luck in bag setups. It may be beneficial for you to poke some holes in those bags from the bottom to 1/4-1/2 way up. Pay attention to lights off temps too, mine fell about 13 degrees overnight to mid 60s until I added a very small 500watt heat dish set to low that comes on for 2 five minute intervals every hour while lights are off. Now I only see a change in temp by 4 degrees sometimes 5 during lights out.