I'm still undecided about using soil or a DWC medium

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I’m going to start growing after summer and will have another order for seeds in July. I’m still undecided about using soil or a DWC medium, and then a Sea Of Green or Screen of Green method. It’s all so confusing, do you have any suggestions?

I believe if your just starting out soil would be best its more forgiving then hydro
If your experienced a bit and looking to get into hydro then DWC will be a good option
As far a techniques that would be a personal choice both work well
If doing more than one a sea of green is best
If doing one plant a scrog ( screen of green) would work best
But when scrogging youll need patience and will need to extend your veg time a little to fill screen
To get best results
Join us so we can follow the grow
Happy growing :v:️ CB :cowboy_hat_face:


If you have little experience in hydroponics a Sea of green grow is more forgiving than a scrog you can stick to a more rigid schedule adding less confusion from added weeks and larger hungry plant which will need more nutrient and ph adjusting than smaller plants