Im sorry need help with outdoor plant

hey so my parents plant is looking droopy with the leaves with these spots showing up, it has have fox farm soil, they use floranova grow and water 6.5 ph. I feel they maybe over watering, mom gives a gallon each out of the traditional watering can, while my dad can give water right out the hose no worrying about the ph but adding the floranova and yes he understand its for indoor but was told by experienced growers to still use it for outdoor.! Please help if you have any idea what this is? Thank you

Looks like water or nutes got on the leaves and the sun cooked them. Dont want water on leaves sitting in the sun like that.

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my concern is you said watering with a hose! Is that hose connected to the municipal water system? If so, it loaded with chlorine and possibly chloramine? Do we know if any ph testing has been donento the water in or out? Is there any idea of the EC of the solution being added to the plant for feeding? Yeah, getting water on the leaves especially during the heat of the day is not a good idea. I see you said 6.5 ph? Is that what the ph is coming out of the garden hose? Cuz that can really bugger things up. The plants look as though they have used up most of the nutrients in the original soil, maybe a transplant is in order into some fresh Fox Farms? I like to double the pot size and transplant. That recharges the used up soil. Then, only water the outside soil really well.

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I never use anything for indoor for outdoor in soil as that is how problems start. They def need a bigger pot.