I'm so glad this site is friendly 😁

Not like this


I lasted about 2 days on rollitup. Too many condescending comments railing on newbies with comments like “flushing is for toilets.”

I’m really happy that the community here doesn’t put up with it and those that try don’t last here very long.


I quit social media over a year ago, and my stress levels and mood are better by numbers that can’t be measured. I got on this forum a few months ago and this is the only place I converse with people using the internet.


I deleted mine a year or two ago too. No more Linkedin, FB, Instagram, Twitter,… All gone, for good.

I don’t miss any of them one bit.


The only other social media I do is Nextdoor for neighbor news/stuff, but I take a deep breath every time I get on there the past couple of years. As well, admin moderation on that site has been lacking in our neck of the woods. On the contrary, I really appreciate the atmosphere on ILGM, in part because of the cool folks, and in part because of the rules and moderation that keep any bs to a bare minimum.


Thank you moderators for making and keeping this forum “good” for lack of better wording. :grin::v::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Agreed. For better, not worse, this is my only social place. Except of course the fire pit and the front porch :grin:


Ok I have not looked at this Off-Topic place much and I am pleased that as I have found out. As I express myself and we all talk about the why we grow. The pain the OA the RA all the issues that drive us to growing. I find that since we my wife and I July 7th in the ground 1st harvest 9 oz’s buds and a bunch more . Now she is telling me “did you burp the jars?” How are the tent girls doing? I Love it Many of you have encouraged us and laughed at us and Yes Told me Buy Bigger Lights! OK that’s enough for tonight


Newbie here and still walking through everyone’s thread. Hope to get along with everbody. Matt here from CKS Vancouver


Welcome aboard @cksca ! Glad you made it here!

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Thank you maam

I got banned in a week on rollitup. I am super mellow. I listen. I stay polite always…UNTIL 50 dumb…s kids start the flames on topics. Could not take it. Told them how i really felt. Snowflakes went nuts. Boom…banned. This is a great community. I have watched threads go a little sideways and straighten right back out. Adults.


we are real folks with real feelings but we are adults and have weathered life’s events w/o melting at every moment on chaos or struggle like these youngin’s Enjoy the place we grow we talk and we share our pain.



Me too on both of these. Same reason

That’s one person


yes sir super freindly. i think the fact that adults can agree to disagree without calling people names and all that ‘‘woke’’ virtual signaling. we all share that one common goal of helping eachother grow good smoke and learn others way too grow and make advancements in the feild.
welcome aboard


Most the other sites I frequent have these posters who go around starting arguments so they can show off their grow pics while telling you how suck you are. They’ll get a whole bunch of likes from newbs and other trolls. It gets old so I don’t even engage with said posters. I mostly engage in positive banter


Every Site I’ve been on has it KoontZ, this one included. Just don’t interact with the perturbance, just like real life. Lots of other cool, knowledge folks that you might have commonalities with.


This place is gold and much appreciated from me and alot of others. I do and might get lipy now and then but truly don’t mean too. Y’all slap me back straight again :grin: I don’t mind a friend slapping me around a little, hell I might like it :cowboy_hat_face:


:joy: of course happy to oblige :+1:t2:


I am glad I landed here! The vast majority of growers are knowledgeable, welcoming and willing to help with a question even if they have answered it 100 times before!

Two quotes from former bosses come to mind “Learn to swim by the bait” and “Think it but don’t say it”. I TRY to keep that in mind when some threads get a bit heated.