I'm so confused

It’s been challenging for me so far but I’m still hooked… I’m learning as I go… And enjoying every minute of it!


@duhneese sorry to see that on you first trial but don’t feel bad, I loose at 5’ plant just starting flowering that was outdoor and it was autoflower on 5 gl pots

I never had that small plants my record is this small plant

I see in some pic that you water the leave I don’t


I water them and kinda shake it off… No problems with the leaves burning or whatever… Just pretty good pictures lol

I would guess we just have varying opinions of “loving it”. I think your training stressed these plants. I will take a look at your journal, thanks!


Keep us posted about darling Lucy’s weight. She is a stunner. Didn’t see this was January. I m late to all the parties

Pretty little Lucy yielded 2.2 oz dry, excellent smoke. Her sister and some friends are growing now!

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Is it alright to use worm castings from worms that were fed a strict diet of cannabis leaves? I’ve got a 17 gallon tub of it. Is it useable?

Yah u can worm castings from worms that has been fed weed leaves

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Thank you, just had so many leaves, hated to waste them. Next run, I’m gonna use that and try organic. And if I have any problems, I know I can receive help here. It takes a lot of pressure off.