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Hey Fam,

I live in Virginia and i have a four plant limit. I’m hoping to maximize my yield due to the plant restrictions as well as grow some great Dank After doing a few months of reading and replacing equipment which was necessary, because the light i had wasn’t going to be enough for the tent that i bought.I had a Mars Hyrdo tsw 2000 4x4 veg, 3x3 flower and i was told that wasn’t going to cut it, unless i had it isolated in a corner of the tent which is an AC Infinity 4x4.I went back to the drawing board,no hard feelings at all, i was pleased to see the genuine responses within minutes of my post. I’m hoping to maximize my yield due to the plant restrictions as well as grow some great Dank. I will be growing in coco coir (what brand not the slightest idea) and i would like to use Jack nutrients,I’m not sure where to start as far as Jacks Nutrients goes.PLEASE CHIME IN ON THE JACKS IF YOU HAVE USED IT IN COCO.I plan on starting about a month from now November 15 or so. I still have a few items to grab like a ph meter and tds meter and and a new light (I’m leaning towards the Mars Hydro FC-E4800)if you see i’m missing anything please say something.As for the seeds i have on hand i have 5 gold leaf feminized seeds, 5 super skunk autoflower ,5 ak-47 autoflower,5 sour diesel auto flower all from ilgm.I would like to know what i should start with? Thank you again for any and all guidance.


I’ll tag @AfgVet she grows in coco and Jack’s and has had spectacular results.


Thank you and i hope that my post made sense.


Nutz, just acting like I’m not here.


Here’s a link to her first journal I believe using coco and Jack’s should be helpful to take a look :+1:

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Are you using Jack’s, it’s difficult to keep up. I’m trying to get back into spending more time on forum and remembering what everyone is doing. :+1:


My first price of advice is to never buy anything mars hydro ever again, you will thank yourself as you gain more knowledge and experience consider them overpriced for the quality they are.

Coco? The brand of coco really shouldn’t matter, canna coco bricks are the best they say but honestly get whatever you can get cheap. Find out if it’s buffered or not (this is key) most coco these days is buffered but some ffor reptiles and stuff isn’t. So you want washed and buggered coco.

Jacks is a 3 part nutrients
Part A ( proprietary blend)
Part B (calcium nitrate very common fertilizer can be bought in bulk most nurserys or agricultural places or local hydro stores online in your area)
Part C if you will even though they don’t ca it that is Epson salts, yup The normal bath stuff with no flavours or smells. It’s chemical name is magnesium sulfate and you can buy it anywhere. A pharmacy will have high grade stuff for first aid and most places that have calcium nitrate will have mag sulfate.

Now you don’t need these couple addatives but…

Silica is an essential building block, it makes plants strong because it builds cell walls and that leads to thicker buds as well. Any liquid will do from a hydro store but I would recommend the jacks nutrients of silica called Agsil16H. It’s a high grade powerered product for agriculture use and is approved by regulator bodies unlike most silica products. Also it’s cheaper then all the other options.

Microbes make a huge difference in root development and nutrient uptake, expensive but totally worth it. To date the best we have seen on the forums is fishhead farms fishshit. It’s worth every penny. Buy the 100$ bottle it will last you a while.

Now a bonus booster for Jack’s is a product called mkp its not needed but if you want to maximize results and avoid a million other products I would suggest getting a 1lb bag of that at a hydro nutrient store and then you basically have everything you need nutrient wise aside from PH up and PH down,
Advanced nutrients makes the best PH buffers they are strong and reasonable priced, a bottle will last a long time get one of each.

Finally if you want to go 110% get an amino acid product. What one? I couldn’t tell you been looking at some and haven’t pulled the trigger been blowing my money on other stuff lol. Aminos do help though the science is there to back it up.

Ph pen I would suggest a aperha PH20 KIT

4x4 flowering tent?

In order of my preference
#1 Kingbright, either duel 320w 301h’s with 660nm reds or a 4x4 bar kit that will cover your whole canopy evenly.

#2 duel 320xl hlg Rspec’s

#3 something from chilLED made for 4x4 flowering they make good stuff to.

#4 spider farmer stuff, Spider Farmer SE5000

Bang for your buck Kingbright blows it all out of the water, it’s made in China but it’s from a reliable and quality manufacturer.
If you want USA made and built then #2 or #3 if you want cheap, foreign made but has a US distributor then #4 is your option.


Man thanks a million and this is exactly what i needed.i only have the one tent at this moment,and i know i will need a dry tent as well. Are you saying i should have a veg tent also?

With a 4 plant limit… I wouldn’t say that
Your drying tent can be your seedling tent though if you go that method. 4 plants is a decent harvest but you could fit it in a 2x2 and start seeds in a 2x2 with a cheap light and a basic fan.


Also seconded.

Depends on how you wanna run. If you want to maximize the most you’ll get out of any 4 plants, cannabis indoors generally follows a “yield per square foot” and not a “per plant” basis. So with 4 plants you can get exactly as much weed in your 4x4 as I can get with 6 or 12 plants in my 4x4. The only disadvantage you really have is strain selection.

@Nicky has you covered with great advice. He’s where lots of my wisdom has come from.


So true

There is more disadvantages like the less plants you grow the longer they take to fill that space, so longer turn arounds.
Scog is one of my favourite methods to grow, screen of green. Cover a tent with many plants and veg them for a short time, great for cloning specific strains over and over.

With your 4 plant limit you have to be careful though right, I mean I don’t think so but my wifey does so I grow 5 but she let’s me keep some. Small clones the odd time.
Some people just don’t care and think well how are they ever going to know, which is true if it’s legal to grow then good luck getting a search warrant for 10 plants lol.


strain selection,Enlighten me grownies and thank you as well.I want start with femenized seeds or photo do you guys argee @Graysin and @Nicky

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Thanks big dog im reading through the journal right now

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have you guys tried anything from soak n beans @Bulldognuts, @Nicky @Graysin

I think u should go organic with ur grow its less Hassel less work u get less deficiencies and burn unlike when u use bottled nutrients but its up to you and wat u want to do

Definitely for a 4 plant limit I’d be doing 3 photos an an auto. I run one auto no matter what because I will over-veg my photos for eternity if I don’t have an auto to tell me “hey it’s been 4-5 weeks let’s go.”

Feminized, absolutely. I have used regular seeds and fem seeds and have a plant count around 18, with only 2 being male this far. One from reg seed and one freak accident (a male autoflower)

PS I’ve used Seedsman, Quebec Cannabis Seeds, and Attitude Seeds. Next on my list is Pacific Seed Bank, and ILGM seeds once there’s a 10+10 on a strain I really like.

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Hey @ZoLB. As @Bulldognuts said, I grow in coco with Jacks 321 nutrients.

Please do yourself a huge favor and buy the canna coco brand of coco. It does not have to be rinsed or buffered. Just hydrate and go.

As for the Jacks, I but straight from the Jacks. Nutrients web page. Buy the part a and b and then you can grab Epsom salt anywhere.

Tag me whenever you have a question or when you start a journal. I’ll be more than happy to help


Didn’t know you’ve grown in coco with Jacks Nicky. I must have missed it


Thanks @AfgVet and i seen your retirement grow…and that was awesome and congrats on your retirement also Mrs. Lady you are the truth! I will definitely tag when its go time!!!


Good deal i appreciate it @Graysin