I'm pretty sure maybe these got mixed up with autoflower seeds


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“Hi just noticed that my out door plants have started to flower already. I’m pretty sure maybe these got mixed up with auto flower seeds because they are only about 2 feet at the most high. I was just after all female seeds for all of them not sure what happens but I’m sure that’s not normal to start budding now? Yea, I am not sure what’s going on but they should definitely not be flowering now, I have northern lights, white widow and og kush, please advice thanks.”


Have they been in the dark for 12 consecutive hours?


No they are in the light from 530 am till 830pm at night I have no idea what’s going I know they shouldn’t be flowering yet I’m pretty sure they gave me auto flower seeds witch I didn’t want I’m spewing they are on 2 feet


@Reaper you should fill out a support ticket and we can tag some growers in to help


How do I do that not really sure how to use this was abit supervised to see my photos on here actually


Are you in Australia? If so which state? It looks like your photos are thru a fence? Are they yours? Lol


Here is the support ticket to fill out @Reaper

Not all that unusual to see pre-flowers. Be specific on the answers to the ticket.

They are getting 15 hours of daylight and 9 hours of darkness. Are they in the full sun during that time or are they getting a lot of shade?

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Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco / Brand and type of Soil & Size of Pots:

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Light system, size and height from plants:

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PS They dont look like autoflowers to me


Looks like she is just “showing” not un-common
My buddy has a blue wizard fem and it started showing early but it did not go into flower early some plants are like that
Lookin healthy though well done🙂


Why would they not be mine you can Cleary see there is no fence I wouldn’t waste my time testing to figure out what’s going on if they were some one else’s but thanks for you input :+1:t3:


Thanks Growit
Not to sure what’s going on hopefully they are just showing but it’s 3 strains doing the same thing so not really sure if that’s just a coincidence or what just from previous grows I’ve never had a plant start showing hairs so wary it’s usually another month half away 2 months but thanks for the help guys


Lol, I was joking :wink: ring around all photos looks like 70’s private investigator shows, or macgyver or something lol.
Your girls look fine to me, they’ll still grow and stretch a whole heap yet. They may bud longer (more goodies) or finish earlier (sooner goodies). I reckon you’ll end up with a nice haul, non the less. Good luck, and happy growing.


They don’t look like they are flowing yet. Just how they look when veg growing. At least that’s what it looks like from your pictures. I’ve done auto flowers and that’s not how they look. I think your good but I’m no pro. Good luck!


Those girls aren’t no where near flowering.