I'm planning to build out in a basement


Dumme posted a great picture helps explain what your seeing
And yeah cover that light with electrical tape or duct tape something lol
Its a good idea when tou first set up a grow space to turn all lights off and stand inside space fir 10-15 min ket your eye adjust to the dark youll see any and all light sorce at that point and can deal with them accordingly
Do a grest job Dj answered your question about the leaves so :+1:


A long overdue update…

Nearing the end of building out my room. Waiting on a Hydro Farm adapter for the 600W flowering room, which I’ll complete this week.

Started Mary 11/3, vegging since 12/9, feeding her general hydroponics floranova grow 7-4-10 and rapidstart. Mixing 3ml of grow and 2.5 ml of rapidstart in a gallon of water. Nutrient mix once a week, fresh water at mid week, and a little bit of LST. Flipping her from 18/6 to 12/12 lighting to start the flowering stage next week.

I need some advice @Dumme, on topping or FIMming Mary before going into flowering next week. Also, should I prune some of the larger fan leaves and/or lower branches before flowering?

I’m also trying to figure out why I’m getting yellow blotches on some leaves. Does this look like ph issue?

I also cloned for the first time. I cut 9 to make sure I end up with 3, not know what my success rate would be. Now I have 9 rooted clones for 100% success rate. WoooHooo!

I plan on experimenting with a few of them. Figured I’d practice LST techniques. Read about going from rooted clone straight into 12/12 light so I want to try that with at least one of them. Open to any suggestions.


@Covertgrower, dude look at that clone set up. That is cool looking.


That is a little more advanced than mine. The PC fan is a great addition I should consider also. The humidifier is great too! I find as long as you monitor water in the bottom, with a seedling heater mat, it produces 98% humidity. @Flyr


@Covertgrower, I just happen to have a PC fan. Not sure how I would produce a humidifier. Mine is way big. It’s for the whole room, not a little clone farm thingy.


Hi @Flyr, the humidifier is a bottle cap humidifier automatically controlled by a Sonoff WIFI switches that monitors humidity and temperature. The app will kick it on when it gets too low and the fan on the left side kicks on when the humidity goes above 80%, keeping it within limits. So far it works great!


@cjc, Thanks, I learned something again. Those spray thingys can be used as a humidifier. How does it plug into a 120 volt plug though? I just see USB hook ups.


Use a USB power block just like you use for a smartphone. The USB goes into the block and you plug the block into the outlet.

Look at the Sonoff TH10 or TH16 (Temperature Humidity 10amp or 16amp) to use in conjunction with the mist’r and you’ll have the ability to monitor and control from your smartphone via a free app.


@cjc, I tell you there’s an App for everything, isn’t there? Who would have thought of developing a humidifier App? I wonder if there’s a fertilizer App. Just plug in your PH, TDS and EC meter, push a button and it tells you how much of whatever you need.


After my debacLe I shut myself into my box about every 2 weeks or so just to make sure there are no lights on but after running a dedicated circut I haven’t had any more issus with diodes staying lit


I will be doing the same for my flowering room. I don’t want hermies.


I’m looking for the same @Flyr. There are sensors available but need to figure out best way to couple one with a home automation module.


@cjc, Wow, home automation. My idea of automation is me walking over to pick up the clicker to change the channel on the tube. Now @merlin44 has automation figured out. I looked into the sonoff setup, pretty cool. I need to figure out how to turn my humidifier on and off without having to physically pushing the button. Other words when it’s (humidifier) switched on and you pull the plug it goes off but when you plug it back in you have to physically push a button to get it to power up. I guess I could tape the button in the ON position. Maybe it won’t hurt it.


@Flyr Just a little bit more work, open the humidifier and replace the switch with what ever switching device that you choose to use. Don’t electrocute yourself!!!:confounded::confounded::confounded:
Most home automation solutions could be made to work but a great many compromises must be made and it, like industrial automation, can get a bit expensive, depending, of course, on what you are trying to accomplish.


Thats exactly what I got was a hermied plant lesson learned! I look every other wednesday at lights out got it marked on my calander. What should have been harvesting in a week or two I had to harvest 2.5 weeks ago I couldn’t even get it to make rosin. Needless to say I don’t want that happening again


@Sirsmokes, Bummer. Isn’t it possible to throw them back into Veg? Or is it once a Hermie always a Hermie? Hermies sounds like some sort of a disease. @merlin, I took your advice and tried to open the humidifier up to see if I could just hard wired the switch (which I don’t have yet) and I discovered the cover is held down with those tiny star bits or screws. Damn!!! You know the ones you use maybe once every 2 years and never remember where you put them. Well I’m going to blame my son this time, since they aren’t where they are supposed to be in the screw driver drawer. I will have to make sure I grab the cool mist switch and not the heated mist switch.


I have my flowering room done but now having a problem with temperature. I put the in-line fan with carbon filter in the flowering room, venting it out of the room and added a 220cfm fan to push cool air into the room via 6” flexible duct. There are also two fans and a humidifier. I cut two vents in the bottom of the front wall of the flowering room as well. I don’t know if the intake or even the holes are big enough to provide enough air. The room panda film walls are being sucked in slightly with room closed up.

220cfm in-line fan…

The temperature gets to 82* F with everything running. Any suggestions @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 on how to get the temp down more without having to add an air conditioner?


This is MADE for you, oh HVAC expert hahaha @Countryboyjvd1971.


I don’t worry until I’m over 85° but nice to have options.


I agree @Countryboyjvd1971 your guy for this. Otherwise you’re pretty much living the hid life. I would also agree the 82 nothing to sweat. But assuming it will get warmer, you’ll want to get a handle on it before it gets out of control.