I'm planning to build out in a basement


There is hope @Flyr! Soaked for 24hrs and placed in wet paper towel in a baggy last night. Kept temps in upper 80s. :balloon: :tada:


I’ve been using a small heating pad to keep temps elevated somewhat. I haven’t used the plastic bag trick and usually just go right for the soil but any advice is greatly appreciated. Two of the three beans that didn’t open looked great before soaking. I would have put money on them opening. Not sure what it could have been. Oh well, it seems just when I think I know what I’m doing, Mother Nature throws me a curve.


She keeps it interesting for sure.
I’m still trying to get the third seed to crack. I soaked it for 24hrs then tried to sink it and it wouldn’t. So I soaked it again for another 24 and it still floated. At that point I put it into a rapid rooter plug placed in the covered tray. It grew some white mold looking fuzz so I took it out of the tray and put the plug and seed under a light and the fuzz went away. I then wiped off the seed and put it in a shot glass of water again. It sank within 24 hrs so I left it in the water for another 24. After which I put it in a wet paper towel just like seed 4.
Something I did notice was a membrane looking coating that formed around the seed. Made me think of a jellyfish.
@Countryboyjvd1971 how long do recommend letting it sit it the bagged wet paper towel?


Still nothing cjc. I’ve decided to move on with some different beans. I’ll probably throw these three in the microwave for a bit of excitement. It’s bad when something as simple as that can create excitement.


I’m curious about the level of stress a female plant can take without flipping to a hermie.
For instance…
If the temp and RH are kept within the suggested ranges for the different stages but the values fluctuate from the bottom of the range to the top of the range throughout the stages will it cause enough stress to turn the plant to a hermie?
@Donaldj, @Countryboyjvd1971, @bob31


You wont cause them to hermi because of fluctuations in temp and humidity
Thise change daily outdoors
Are you trying to figure out what happened or just wondering ?
Plants can take quite a bit of stress before going hermi


I hope not or I would have hermies every flower cycle :wink: Suggested ranges of RH and temp are to keep your plant happy and growing at their peak that doesn’t mean they won’t grow outside of those ranges just that they won’t grow quite as well. I try to keep my fluctuations within 10-15f and my RH 10-15% but it doesn’t always prove an easy task so I raise my plants accustomed to it. I grow differently than many members in that I grow from clones and subject my mother plants to lots of adverse conditions which produces hardy clones adapted to my space rather than me adjusting everything for them


I’m just wondering. I’m trying my best to keep within the ranges and doing ok with that. I have the temp drop 5F-10F during lights out and during day it fluctuates up and down by a few degrees above and below 75F. Same goes for the RH with a few % above and below 55%. Occasionally, I’ll go out of the bounds but it won’t stay there very long. @Countryboyjvd1971 @Donaldj
Trying to keep the PH around 6.2 as well.


in nature temps and RH fluctuate far more than that yet many have success outdoors


What medium are you in @cjc
Your ok with the temps ams humidity
As Donaldj mention the figures that we work with are Best case figures
Your ph in soil should be 6.3-6.8 which is why i ask


I’m in soil.


You want ph range 6.3-6.8 than as i stated my friend


:ok_hand: will raise the PH into that range @Countryboyjvd1971


Is it normal for the leaves to be open more during the day than at night? I noticed this morning a big leaf looks different during the day than at night. @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971

How to raise a proper Girl Scout?

Yes it’s normal my leaves droop during lights out but when they come back on the leaves get broader looking for the sun or lights


think of solar panels tracking the sun with a built in regulator which will even reduce size of panel when power is too much leaves do same thing. Though it also is related to how water is drawn up through plants and circulates energy and that during the dark that process slows to a crawl storing energy rather than creating it


Ok. Last night I’m hang’ n with the girls just before lights out and the light clicked off. My signal to wrap it up but a question popped in my head. How can I see if light is coming through the white fabric on the tape-on zipper? Hmmmm. Oh, I remembered the IPCam night vision I have in the veg room can be turned off and I’ll see if there is any light leaks, :sunglasses:!

Thinking black screen :tv: I’m surprised :flushed: and now worried. Is it possible 2 weeks into veg and I’m seeing pistils and balls? Now I need to call on all of your expertise… my surprise was seeing a blue light on. What the @$!#! Then, there was a light go on. It was a red light.

I forgot about a small dot size blue light that stays lit on the Sonoff and the little red light on the humidifier and the freak’n red glow of the ceramic heater, Honeywell Heat Bud. Now I wonder if I created a Herm. Can you tell by looking at this pic of the blue light and the pistil looking hairs? Do you think I stressed her?
@Donaldj @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971

How do I share a 9 sec video of what I saw?
The video shows the red light.
In the pic below, are those :banana: balls? Is that a pistil?


Cover the light with something like electrical tape.


Here’s a map.
A “bud”, in botany, is any new growth.


This picture in the morning is showing the leaves are praying. It’s a very good sign. As photoexitation continues during the day, it’s common for leaves to display more relaxed.