I'm planning to build out in a basement


Hungry and ready to plant in soil or hydro


i just used that 8x4 insulation board that has like a paper on both sides and painted it then stuck it directly to the cement walls with a few shots of that spray insulation in a can to get it to stick to the wall then i used the silver metal tape on the joints,that is now my flower room and when i had the two rooms together like what you are doing i used a Y pipe to suck air out of both rooms yea can also put a damper in so you can draw more or less out of one or the other,I had the exhaust venting from the lights hoods without a glass which pulled out some heat and when it got smelly time i would just set the blower on a carbon filter can sitting in the basement,and as i said before i open the entry doors/zipper so the rooms got fresh air from the basement air and when temp outside is good i would open the basement doors and windows,but the insulation board saved me a lot as i explained earlier,best move i made along with the vent-less propane heater,I had to monitor the temps for a few days to get the system right and the blowers run more at night and i don’t need a air conditioner or humidifier/dehumidifier,my flower room runs perfect with just the heater,a house fan and a exhaust blower,my tablet charger broke but pics soon


@cjc what DJ Said! She needs more food and more room!


I second to @Donaldj reply


Jane keeps fighting to survive. She didn’t produce her cotyledons.


I know what your using now. I think I need to do the same as you @marksmanbbs.
I have the veg space almost done, need to finish ductwork and a way to heat during lights out. I am testing temps when 400w MH light is on and then when it is off without installing insulation. The On temp without the fan to cool the bulb went to 75deg F. I placed the thermometer 5’ beneath the light. The humidity without a humidifier is just under 40%. The temp, when the light was off, fell to about 55deg F, with the humidity hovering around 40%. Do you recall what your temps/humidity was for you without insulation @marksmanbbs


I don’t believe it was dropping that much but then I’m a night owl and while i was in the basement and it was getting cold with the lights out I would do laundry with the vent on the dryer apart half way up then i used a couple spring wires with a sleeve to hold the two pieces back together when i was done I also bought one of those small electric heaters from the family dollar store and plugged it into a timer,when ever it dropped more than 10 degrees i would get nervous and I did end up getting some plants that hermied a few times in the beginning,If there was anything that could go wrong I can raise my hand to say"yeup"I did that or it happened to me,Its winter here in northern Vt and I’m on my 4th year in this basement and I am now finely getting sweet plants and great temps in the rooms,I even used a 5x5 grow tent and had issues,My best move was putting up the insulation board,propane heater and pulling air out at night with fans on more frequently,the daytime is perfect,I have plastic on 2 walls and insulation board on the 2 cement walls to make the flower room,the basement outside walls are underground, my veg room is now on the other side of the basement made of plastic tarp with a zipper for a door,I have all temps and everything I did on planner calanders i keep track of everything because i forget everything lol,my low temps without insulation board would drop to as low as 68 and my highs were variable depending on what size light i use,I got bigger buds using the 1000watt but things are great with the 400 veg and 600 flower no led’s,


Your flowering space sounds like mine @marksmanbbs . Mine is in a corner with 2 concrete walls. I’m using the 600W light in there. I plan to insulate, as you did, and then get an oil filled radiant heater for the overall space. I will need to maintain the proper temp during lights out.

Do you get fumes from the propane heater? Also, are you burning through much propane compared to the cost of running an electric heater?


I did the oil filled heaters your talking about and the fan blown electric heaters,they work but I was always worried about running them when I wasn’t around,The cords get really hot and its scary,Fire!. plus the propane puts out a dryer heat which brings the humidity down and I never use the dehumidifier now,The cost is awesome,I picked up the vent less on craigslst for $200 and i refill a BBQ tank about every 3 weeks with it set at 72 to 74degrees,It costs under 10 to fill at ace store,yea that was the best thing i did for my grow,I haven't looked into it but i would think it would be making co2 with the burning propane.lol,don't know,I made my new bud room big enough for a couple lights if needed but my veg room is still the typical 3x4xceiling lol,being in a basement is a challenge that i didn't know compared to having a room in the house,but we on the other hand have the effect from cement,I use those thick plastic office mats that a office chair can glide on to separate my buckets from the cement floor because the cement will cause the soil and roots to be cold.I should put a catch tray under the buckets but i just let the water run out on the floor and suck it up with a shop vac,I have a sink in my basement which is a plus.I'm still working on getting you some pic's,and I'm a night owl so my responses are probably late,I was you 4 years ago except your doing it right the first time,I'm one that has to @!# things up and get the feel of failure before the feel of ''Yes that’s what they are supposed to do" lol,


@cjc lol get the firetv box. Lol it will set on there. I don’t have cable anymore either. We just have Netflix and kodi. :slight_smile:


Lol @jmlove123
Got Kodi too


Happy New Year! Off to a good start.

Seed 1(aka Mary) doin great
Seed 2(aka Jane) RIP - went away for a couple days over Christmas and wasn’t enough water in the reservoir - lesson learned
Seed 3(aka Jane2) been soaking for 2 days and no sign of opening up :persevere:
Seed 4(aka NJ New Jane) dropping today New Year’s Day
Seed 5 not started yet



Happy New Year,

How long will you soak the Jane’s before throwing in the towel? Do you try something else after trying the paper towel trick or water?


No throwing in the towel for me. My first two germinated ok, the third seems to be a dud, waiting to see how #4 seed does now. Do you have a better way @Flyr?


Nope… No better way here. I was hoping you had other options. Sorry.


Hey guys just chiming in here
Soak your beans 24 hours in cup of water room temp is best
Wven if they dont crack open place them in a moist paper towel inside a plastic bag dont seal bag leave end open
Place in warm dark place anything over 70 is fine
And in 24 hour you should have nice tap roots
Then you can place seed in starter cups or pots
@cjc @Flyr


Thanks Countryboyjvd1971. If nothing happens after you have done all that, how long do you wait before tossing your beans?


It can take a bit to germinate. I just had a bean take about 52 hours. Be patient :sunglasses:


I’ve had them take 48 hours but that’s was years ago. I’m a newbie to these special beans. I’ve got 2 out of 5 exposed since the 28th of Dec. I did the 24 hour soak (no apparent tails) put in dirt and then had 2 pop up. The other 3 ??? Who knows? They looked like really good beans too. I’ve still got my fingers crossed. I was looking forward to 5 big Golden looking gals.

I’ll give them another week I guess.


It took my first 2 seeds just over 48 hours to germinated. I will try the paper towel method on the 3rd and 4th seed. Does darkness make a difference @Countryboyjvd1971?