I'm planning to build out in a basement


Weeds? Is that a tv show?


Not a bad series shame it ended and nothing even close to real about it just comical


Yep @bob31, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0439100/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1


ok that explains it, I dont watch showtime! Very good! @cjc


if you stream and have netflix you’d be able to watch it @bob31


I don’t currently use netflix but one of these days I will catch up lol


Not approved link a simple description works thanks don’t take it personal I order from there too at times :wink:


oops :flushed:
Is that #7 in the TOS? @Donaldj


In a pinch I have used the top of my refrigerator :grimacing:


@SmoknGranny they must be changing things. I bought a new side by side about 18 months ago and no additional warmth up there on mine @SmoknGranny


Hmm. My side by side is maybe 9-10 year old. Humor me please & place a thermometer on yours overnight and see what temperature you get. I just know it worked for me :slightly_smiling_face:


sure will do!


I’ll do the same


It’s amazing!
She’s alive!
A few days ago I thought Jane wasn’t going to make it but looks like there is a chance now.


What ever happened to putting the seeds on a plate on and in damp paper towel? I haven’t for a couple years but it worked for me every single time…not cool anymore? LOL


The zippers are cool, You stick it to plastic or tarp or what have you and put in on any way you want it to open then when you unzip it for the first time it comes with a razor that fits so it cuts the plastic or tarp then its all done,I have been using it every day for four years and its still working fine,I found mine in a old car so i don’t know where to get them.as for my venting i can post pics soon,


I have been through all that and found it expensive all around the board from purchasing and maintenance, labor and electricity, winter and summer humidity was my worst enemy causing powdery mildew, but after getting a ventless propane heater and exhausting out the air more at night and opening the doors during the day i would say my rooms are perfect for me now, I even have a rope going to the door through a couple of pulleys so in the morning i just pull the door open so i don’t have to go down stairs until after coffee,lol


cjc,I went through the experience of painting the walls then Mylar the walls and was always fighting something, but since i put up the insulation board with a little silver tape and couple of spots of spray insulation to stick it to the cement its been awesome my grows have improved with less problems and less work, just my experience, I can post some pic later


Thank you @marksmanbbs. What kind of insulation did you use @marksmanbbs?


My mother Mary has something going on with her. Bottom leaves :leaves: are turning yellow and drying up.
She is in a rapid rooter, moistened with distilled water treated with Rapid Start and having a pH between 5.5 and 6.0. I mix 5 drops of Rapid Start in a half gallon of water and then balance it. Watering when needed. The last couple nights she wilted so I put about 2-3 ml of the watering solution on top of the plug with a dropper and within 5-7 minutes she perked up. I’m keeping the temp between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit with a RH between 45% and 70%. T5 flourecent light sits on top of the dome 24/7. She is on day 36. She is the Girl Scout Cookies Extreme.
I don’t know if I’m over watering, under watering, or is she not getting enough nutrients or too much nutrients. Is this enough info to diagnose? Do I need to change anything? @Donaldj @bob31

A pic of her this morning after the pic above