I'm planning to build out in a basement


To me it looks like it is just below 6.5. I’m going to get a meter to know for sure.
Trying to pull Jane up out of the hole but she doesn’t want to budge. Should I just leave her alone or gently pull her out @bob31?


@cjc don’t pull out the seedling. Just expose a bit of soil on top.


She’ll come out of the soil on her own @cjc but you probably know that already. How are you making out?


Mary seems well but Jane is still struggling. I’m finishing up constructing the veg room and will put Mary, who’ll be the mother to clone from in there once completed.



that second one should have come out of the cube by now. I’d start another one @cjc


I am a basement grower,I wished i would have seen your post sooner,personally after a couple years of fighting the humidity/moisture that fluctuates along with other deterrents in a basement i ended up putting insulation board(painted)on the cement walls and that has made my grow so much more manageable as far as heat/cool air quality and so much more.I previously used the zipper doors and they work but still had to use a covering so light didnt leak through.as for venting i used a (Y) pipe drawing air out of both rooms through the lights with no glass as for fresh air in i just keep the doors open with a fan blowing air from outside the room to inside then at night i run the exhaust fans more along with the regular fans and its winter so i have a vent-less propane heater.the rooms are perfect now,your setup looks a lot like what i did,looks good,as for the hid lights they help with the heat during the day,If I ran led’s i would probably run more heat during the day,not sure cause i never used them,


Im also a basement grower i have found I necessary to run Humidifiers in winter dehumidifiers in summer along with Ac to control temps along with moisture
Once you deal with thise issues
Your grow is less stressful imo
I tried to not run anything but fans but that doesn’t really work well in my region
As far as second seed im with @bob31 on syarting a new one @cjc


Thank you @marksmanbbs, @Countryboyjvd1971, and @bob31. Your feedback is much appreciated. You just confirmed what I’ve been thinking about doing and that is to insulate the concrete walls I painted flat white. I’m having a difficult time keeping the humidity around 55% - 60%, it keeps dropping down to around 40%-45%. My temps have been ok with the range being between 70 F - 82 F(within the dome) for the girls. The room itself is in the mid 60s F.
I’m working on a more automated system using the TH16 Sonoff WIFI switch to control a mister and fan. Right now I have to spray water into the dome and move a heat lamp up and down underneath the rack the dome is sitting on.

Below is an update on the room construction. The pictures are taken from each end of the room. The first one from front right corner looking towards the door and second one from front left(near the door). Both from inside the room looking out perspective.

I will finish up the veg booth this weekend. Waiting for the Vivosun Powerlux 400w ballast to arrive.


i plan to put another seed to germinate over the weekend @bob31. I plan to soak for 24 hours before placing into a rapid rooter. Last time I just put the seed into the rapid rooter within the dome.

Have you ever heard of putting the seed in the freezer for 24 hours before germinating? Supposedly, it is to mimic winter for the seed.

@marksmanbbs, do you have a diagram of your venting I could peek at? Also, what kind of zipper did you use?


@cjc I have not heard of that.

I put mine into a shot glass on top of cable box (78 degrees) cover with baggie and I leave it there until the seed has at least a 1/4 inch tail. I have only had one seed fail to germinate in this manner. 99% and it was a bag seed not an ILGM seed!


@bob31, how is the seedling affected with fluctuating humidity? It ranges between 40% and 60% under the dome.
I’m working on something more automated to maintain a tighter temp and humidity range.



Look at the Clones 70-80% same for sprouts. Keep it as high as you reasonably can @cjc


My cable box doubles as heat mat as well lol.


my heat mat (cable box) costs me over $100 a month so it’s good I actually get something out of it! LOL


We just recently changed. Internet and tv for $85 with 4 boxes. My wife is always hunting those bargains. We’ll see how bad it is after 24 months.


I cut the cable. $65 a month
Streaming via Fire stick and love it.
a shot glass won’t sit on the stick :frowning:


internet modem? Wi-FI? anything like that @cjc


I also use a heating pad, small one on low. It runs about 80 degrees @cjc


all of the above…
155 Mb into Aris modem, dual channel high capacity router with a dual channel extender. It’s what teens require these days.
got a heating pad on order. gonna control it with a Sonoff TH16A WIFI.


@bob31 watching Weeds right now as they prepare to setup their grow :canned_food: - a - :bus: house :sunglasses: lol