I'm planning to build out in a basement


Mary needs to be support asap
@dbrn32 is correct she’s streaching to much
What type of exaust set up do you have ? I agree if you have issues this early we need yo figure them out
Ill be around im dealing with a family issue right now so if o don’t answer right away thats why but tag me
If you need help


Just poking my head in I am relatively sure that once flowering and veg spaces are running and have lighting heat won’t be much of a problem Halogen lights are red end of spectrum and do promote stretch.


So the halogen is about 12" away on the side, left side in picture. I don’t have exhaust in place yet. The girls are under a vented dome. I did turn on a fan in other part of room to circulate the air but it isn’t blowing on them.
@dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Donaldj


I didn’t think about doing something to support, that will be your best bet. And I’d get away from using that halogen. Assuming you’re going to be getting them in cups or small pots soon, you can just drop her down in the soil a little further once she upright.


Ok. I think I will drop her in some soil burying it to cover her leggyness. Will also loose the halogen. Can I drop her and the rooter plug she is in into the soil?


lol and my ventilation is far from complicated I use single 6" exhaust fan a boxed in carbon filter think like a shopvac 1 entry 1 exit for box with the filter inside having air drawn through and the entry basically a 6" vac hose which pulls air from 3 spaces. It is balanced and able to draw from all 3 spaces due to fact the intakes in the spaces are smaller constricting air flow enough that it pulls from all at same time rather than just nearest. Think of my damper on exhaust end as a fork in road by closing exhaust damper slightly I am able to redirect some or all warm scrubbed exhaust where I want. Furnaces use same trick a large trunk pushes air to several smaller branches which balance and spread warmth using dampers vents in my case I direct % of exhaust into adjacent room where it blends with cooler air and is pulled back into growing spaces at 60-65f instead of 10-30f which would be outside fresh air as we speak :wink:


It may sound elaborate and fancy but it is not and in my case I am heating a shed 16’x10’ in a place which spends most of the the year freezing with nothing but my grow lights so basically 600w space heater :wink:
I suspect once @cjc has some veg and flowering lights running in space for a few days will have little need for extra warmth


Thank you @Donaldj.
The white walls you see in the room are concrete and half exposed on the outside. I’m in part of the US where it gets very cold during the winters. Do you think I need to insulate the walls or should it be ok with putting the 400W and 600W HIDs in?

I like the idea of feeding the air back in to warm the room. I will think on how to factor that into the overall room design.


@Countryboyjvd1971, what do you think if i very carefully and gently place the seed back into the hole?


I agree, for someone with a little bit of knowledge and/or aptitude. Plenty of personal struggle with single fan attached to carbon filter going directly outside of grow space. I think your setup is pretty darn cool, and seems very effective. Glad you could make it over and help out here.


I agree with @dbrn32! Thank you!


I tend to come when I am called not always in a timely fashion mind you but if I feel an answer is still needed I reply. Concrete tends to hold cold My last basement grow :wink: we insulated and made point to keep pots from being directly on floor over time the concrete will warm but can take months if you live in climate like mine


@dbrn32 and @Countryboyjvd1971 I tucked Mary back into her hole, so far so good.

Jane is a little more caution about coming out.


Woohoo @cjc


Quick update
Day 19
Still building room out (see below for purchased so far).
Mother Mary is doing great but Sister Jane is a bit shy. I don’t know if I over watered her.

Trying to maintain 55 RH at 75🌡F-80🌡F and a moist plug.

Jane’s struggling to come back. I’m trying to baby here by just keeping the plug moist. Do you guys @Donaldj, @bob31, @dbrn32, or @Myfriendis410 do you have any ideas on how to help her along?



It seems she is working hard to sprout.

Purchased so far



The one that hasn’t sprouted? How deep is she? The seed can be as close as an 1/8 deep and do fine. She looks way to deep to me.

The first pic you posted of the twisty leaves. What pH water are you using? There are zero nutrients in those cubes,… and she is probably root bound in that cube. Get her into her next home.


@bob31 the seed is about ¼" to ⅜" into the plug. I’m using around a 6.2 PH water. The roots are just starting to come out of the side of the plug. By next home do you mean potted and in the veg room?


You are in a soiless medium so the pH needs to be 5.8 @cjc

And yes, she needs to be transplanted. I didn’t know what your next step was. What growing medium will they be going into?



It’ll be soil.
Is the twistee leaf bad? @bob31

This is from testing the water :sweat_drops: to start the seeds. The color in lower right. Does that look ok?


It really needs to be in the 5.5 - 6 range. Yours looks more middle 6-6.5? I had to use a meter, those colors leave too much to interpretation to me. But you have it in front of you, so I trust what you are seeing.

What does it look like to you? @cjc