I'm planning to build out in a basement


Design update
I looked at the “flex” idea and came up with a new design. The panels would be 3’-6" and covered with panda film with a zip door in the panels as needed. The flower and veg spaces will be 3’-6" x 3’-6".

Still working on ventilation. One concern is having enough extra duct work between light and panel so I can adjust the light vertically. I’d like to understand the manifold idea if you don’t mind.

Is the dry space ok where it is?

Looking into the LEDs

_BTW - The fancy software is called SketchUp and I have 14 days left on my 1 month trial. Anyone can download it. One of the cool things about it is the 3D Warehouse with already created models. That’s where I got the plants shown in the other pics.


Here is an example pic I found on web. There are several ways it can be done though. Going with something like that, you’ll want a carbon filter in each room if scent is an issue. If it’s not that big of deal, you could probably at least forgo the veg area. Also, you’ll definitely want dampers on each secondary off the main header. That will allow you to fine tune the air flow. Due to the nature of something like that, i’d make sure you have a decent sized high quality fan with a proper speed controller as well. You may have to run a little larger than square footage calls for to compensate for losses with ductwork, bends, and filters. @Countryboyjvd1971 can probably help with that when you’re ready. It’s my understanding he has some stuff going on, but I’m sure he’ll drop by when he has a chance.

One thing that does concern me, is drying area doesn’t have its own room. Not that it necessarily needs one, but this is the stage that usually requires the most accurate environmental control. So you may want to consider at least doing the same to keep it individual as well.

I like the new layout much better! You could easily flower with 600 hid and veg with 400 here. If and when you’re ready to expand, just take flowering area into the walkway. If you decide to go with led I can definitely recommend a few for those areas. But they’ll be a little more expensive than hid options.



I do have some stuff going on so I’ll be on and off the forum @dbrn32 but I will assist if needed
The picture you posted Is a solid set up for sure
also you will definitely need more exhaust and intake if going with the hid set up @cjc
Since they generate some much more heat than leds
@dbrn32 can definitely help you out sizing the leds you need :+1: he’s got a great understanding on that


I’m glad you liked the flex space idea. It gives you options.


Ok. Now I know what you mean by a manifold setup. Thanks so much for your input. I greatly appreciate it. Considering this being my 1st grow and taking the more flexible route, thank you, with prebuilt panels wrapped with Panda film and IKEA’d together I will look to tweak towards individually cooled lights for future grows.
I am trying to phase-in and spread out the cost as much as possible. I have the old “Myfundsarelow” disease right now. Therefore, I think I can cure it with a little more traditional design.
I plan to start the enclosing wall tomorrow so I can start the Girl Scout Cookie Extreme (fem) hopefully this weekend.
Considering the comment on the drying space I may add a panel to separate the propagation station and the drying space. Do you think it is necessary? I’m wondering if I could easily control the space outside of the booths for optimal drying and still propagate seeds or clones in the space shown.
Because the panels are wrapped inside and out I plan to cut air vents at the bottom on the outside and at the top of the same wall cavity on the inside. The space within the wall will act like a duct allowing air to flow from bottom to top while containing the light. Does this sound like it would work?
Thanks again @Myfriendis410, @dbrn32, @Countryboyjvd1971, @Ron330, and @bob31

I absolutely love using @SketchUp Pro 2017 to solidify the design. I have 7 days left on the free month before it flips over to the watered down free version. If any of you are looking for help using the tool i’m more than happy to help out. I have no connection with the company, it’s just my opinion.


The starting space


The amount of space needed for propagation is pretty small, but what you will need to dry 5 lbs of bud is considerable. Using the 20% rule, you’re starting out with 25 lbs of plant material to dry. Just to keep it real haha.

That rigid Styrofoam might be capable of being used in movable bulkheads more easily and cheaply than Panda film FYI.


How does the 20% rule work?

Wouldn’t the rigid insulation need to be covered in white?


20% is general rule of thumb. What wet weight usually ends up being once dried properly. Not an exact rule, but it will be close.

As far as managing the drying space, anything is possible. Things could line up and be ideal with little to no effort on your part. Or, could be complete disaster. I would say it’s best to lean towards the safe side and have more control than you need. Fortunately, you’re months out from having to do much with it right now. But you also don’t want to have redo anything that was missed in the beginning. I would just keep in mind that drying climate is very important, and you’ll probably have to take some measures to ensure a healthy harvest.

There are several people that use insulation panels for walls successfully. There isn’t an absolute need to have them framed and dry walled. Regardless of method you choose, just be aware of what you gain and/or give up with each option.


White isn’t necessary. The plethora of mylar tents being sold kinda speaks to that. I was told early on that white was preferable to silver but I frankly see no difgerence. It’s a difference without meaning lol. @cjc


I agree with trying to stay away from redoes as much as possible @dbrn32 , hence the time going through the design.
Still don’t get the 20% rule, wet to dry. “What wet weight usually ends up being once dried properly.” sorry, I don’t get your statement.


If you chop a top off your plant and put directly on scale and it weighs 100 grams, it will most likely weigh about 20 grams by the time it’s trimmed and dried.

Make more sense?


Yep! Got it now. I plan to work with 3 girls at a time and have no idea what they’ll yield.
Thank you!


@cjc, @bob31 has a thread going trying to refine that percentage with voluntary submissions. Please contribute to the data already there. Hopefully you will have plenty of help at harvest haha. I did 8 lbs wet back in September all by myself and I didn’t like it much haha. (1.25 lbs dry)


Thanks @Myfriendis410


Construction update
Space enclosed and under lock & key.

The chosen space

Framing begins

Enclosed space

From within space (from inside left wall)

From within space (from inside right wall)

Door hung

and space is secured


Started 2 of the GSC Extreme seeds and am 5 days into grow. Do these girls look ok? Mary looks too thin. Is that normal?


She looks too long. Did it shoot up and fall over, or did she turn away? The first is a sign of not enough light, the other too much light.

Or maybe something unrelated to lights at all?


It did not fall over. I have a t5 fluorescent and then had to add a halogen another grow light and an led to maintain heat. So maybe too much light?
The other grow light and halogen are on the side while led is about 2.5 feet above and the fluorescent is sitting on top of the vented dome.


Probably. Just s wild guess, but how close was the halogen? To th best of my knowledge, halogen rates about with incandescent as far as a grow light nfg. The ratio of par Watts vs heat Watts isn’t in our favor. So I’d say ya, probably too much.

Just doing a quick run through, I’d ditch th halogen and try to find an alternative if it’s too cold. What kind of light spectrum is the led producing? And what is the color temp of the t5 bulb?

If you’re having temp issues this early into your grow, that’s s pretty good indication of what’s to come. If you’re still planning on hid, those will help once installed. But since you’re still in design stages you may want to check out @Donaldj purpose built shed. He has ventilation setup to recycle warm air for the purpose of heating. I believe dampers to discharge if he do needs to. May sound complicated, but I’m sure he and @Countryboyjvd1971 would help or perhaps have another idea. Heater is relatively cheap and easy option, just expensive to run.