I'm planning to build out in a basement


White isn’t necessary. The plethora of mylar tents being sold kinda speaks to that. I was told early on that white was preferable to silver but I frankly see no difgerence. It’s a difference without meaning lol. @cjc


I agree with trying to stay away from redoes as much as possible @dbrn32 , hence the time going through the design.
Still don’t get the 20% rule, wet to dry. “What wet weight usually ends up being once dried properly.” sorry, I don’t get your statement.


If you chop a top off your plant and put directly on scale and it weighs 100 grams, it will most likely weigh about 20 grams by the time it’s trimmed and dried.

Make more sense?


Yep! Got it now. I plan to work with 3 girls at a time and have no idea what they’ll yield.
Thank you!


@cjc, @bob31 has a thread going trying to refine that percentage with voluntary submissions. Please contribute to the data already there. Hopefully you will have plenty of help at harvest haha. I did 8 lbs wet back in September all by myself and I didn’t like it much haha. (1.25 lbs dry)


Thanks @Myfriendis410


Construction update
Space enclosed and under lock & key.

The chosen space

Framing begins

Enclosed space

From within space (from inside left wall)

From within space (from inside right wall)

Door hung

and space is secured


Started 2 of the GSC Extreme seeds and am 5 days into grow. Do these girls look ok? Mary looks too thin. Is that normal?


She looks too long. Did it shoot up and fall over, or did she turn away? The first is a sign of not enough light, the other too much light.

Or maybe something unrelated to lights at all?


It did not fall over. I have a t5 fluorescent and then had to add a halogen another grow light and an led to maintain heat. So maybe too much light?
The other grow light and halogen are on the side while led is about 2.5 feet above and the fluorescent is sitting on top of the vented dome.


Probably. Just s wild guess, but how close was the halogen? To th best of my knowledge, halogen rates about with incandescent as far as a grow light nfg. The ratio of par Watts vs heat Watts isn’t in our favor. So I’d say ya, probably too much.

Just doing a quick run through, I’d ditch th halogen and try to find an alternative if it’s too cold. What kind of light spectrum is the led producing? And what is the color temp of the t5 bulb?

If you’re having temp issues this early into your grow, that’s s pretty good indication of what’s to come. If you’re still planning on hid, those will help once installed. But since you’re still in design stages you may want to check out @Donaldj purpose built shed. He has ventilation setup to recycle warm air for the purpose of heating. I believe dampers to discharge if he do needs to. May sound complicated, but I’m sure he and @Countryboyjvd1971 would help or perhaps have another idea. Heater is relatively cheap and easy option, just expensive to run.


Mary needs to be support asap
@dbrn32 is correct she’s streaching to much
What type of exaust set up do you have ? I agree if you have issues this early we need yo figure them out
Ill be around im dealing with a family issue right now so if o don’t answer right away thats why but tag me
If you need help


Just poking my head in I am relatively sure that once flowering and veg spaces are running and have lighting heat won’t be much of a problem Halogen lights are red end of spectrum and do promote stretch.


So the halogen is about 12" away on the side, left side in picture. I don’t have exhaust in place yet. The girls are under a vented dome. I did turn on a fan in other part of room to circulate the air but it isn’t blowing on them.
@dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Donaldj


I didn’t think about doing something to support, that will be your best bet. And I’d get away from using that halogen. Assuming you’re going to be getting them in cups or small pots soon, you can just drop her down in the soil a little further once she upright.


Ok. I think I will drop her in some soil burying it to cover her leggyness. Will also loose the halogen. Can I drop her and the rooter plug she is in into the soil?


lol and my ventilation is far from complicated I use single 6" exhaust fan a boxed in carbon filter think like a shopvac 1 entry 1 exit for box with the filter inside having air drawn through and the entry basically a 6" vac hose which pulls air from 3 spaces. It is balanced and able to draw from all 3 spaces due to fact the intakes in the spaces are smaller constricting air flow enough that it pulls from all at same time rather than just nearest. Think of my damper on exhaust end as a fork in road by closing exhaust damper slightly I am able to redirect some or all warm scrubbed exhaust where I want. Furnaces use same trick a large trunk pushes air to several smaller branches which balance and spread warmth using dampers vents in my case I direct % of exhaust into adjacent room where it blends with cooler air and is pulled back into growing spaces at 60-65f instead of 10-30f which would be outside fresh air as we speak :wink:


It may sound elaborate and fancy but it is not and in my case I am heating a shed 16’x10’ in a place which spends most of the the year freezing with nothing but my grow lights so basically 600w space heater :wink:
I suspect once @cjc has some veg and flowering lights running in space for a few days will have little need for extra warmth


Thank you @Donaldj.
The white walls you see in the room are concrete and half exposed on the outside. I’m in part of the US where it gets very cold during the winters. Do you think I need to insulate the walls or should it be ok with putting the 400W and 600W HIDs in?

I like the idea of feeding the air back in to warm the room. I will think on how to factor that into the overall room design.


@Countryboyjvd1971, what do you think if i very carefully and gently place the seed back into the hole?