I'm outdoors ya know....Help

So this little lady didn’t make the mother cut and on a whim I placed her outside, she has been here for a month and seems to be doing well.

She is planted in used FFOF, hasn’t rained in a week and has turned hot now.

What now?


Not sure I understand the question?
Water her with ph water(if you can ph it which is strongly recommend) and keep a very close eye out for pests.

Plant itself looks quite happy and healthy

If you had more specific questions let them rip and someone with much more knowledge than me should chime in


Plant looks a lil dry but that’s not a bad thing…just watch your leaves…they appear to be canoeing a little maybe? Just water as needed maybe think about collecting rain water to cut out all that PH’ing nonsense :grin:

I have RO water, just not sure if I should use nutrients yet or be taking any preventative measures for pests

Very nice plant looks happy.

Well if you can, and want to be proactive, you could get some captain jacks dead bug spray to have on hand for pests

So often people get pest, ask what can I do, and have to wait for it to get shipped instead of having it on hand…meanwhile, their plants are getting trashed by bugs while they wait on shipping

And being outdoors you are likely to run into some pest or another

As for nutrients, I would order some jacks part a and part b
The epsom salt you can pick up at any drugstore or Dollar General

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I have Dr Zymes on hand and FF nutrients, what the Epsom salt for?

With jacks, you add it I believe for mag
If you already have stuff on hand use that

I’m not familiar with the specifics of those so I don’t know if they have the mag

have only ever watered 2x with light nutes along with some light fan leaf removal.
Doesn’t look too shabby

Very nice looking
Looks like buttons forming too