I'm on my way to my first grow

So excited! Got my first sprout today! She’s a Jack Herer AF from ILGM.


congrats @GoneFission great site to be on, lots of good folks on here that can help with just about any question. i have yet to see them stumped but only been on here a month myself. good luck on your grow and the start of your adventure, i am loving mine.

Thanks @monkman. Say, I was born and raised in Michigan. 12 years in Bad Axe then 6 in Stevensville.

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Congrats, you’re definitely on your way now! What’s your setup then?

Recirc DWC, 2 grow buckets and 1 reservoir. Air stone in all 3 buckets. MARS II 900 LED. It’s all in an old shower that we’ve lined with reflective material. My little sprout is currently in a peat pot which is in a humidity dome. Still anxiously waiting for the other seed to pop.