I'm new to this, and don't know what to do! All help will be greatly appreciated!

this is my plant… Got the seed out of a good batch of buds but I don’t know what it was!!!


Nice start, you’re in the right place! I’m a beginner myself, but there are some real pros here that will steer you right. My thoughts are to start thinking about nutrients if you haven’t yet (nitrogen-rich for the vegetative stage) and be ready to look out for sex. If it ends up being a male and this is the only plant you have, you should try and get your hands on more seeds, but if you can’t, you might as well go ahead and let it finish, I’ve heard (though not certain) that male “buds” WILL get you high, just not as potent or plentiful as females.

Oh, and how big is that pot? You’re going to want at LEAST a 3-gallon bucket for its final home, and preferably a 5- or 10- gallon bucket for maximum growth.


Looks good so far, time to sit back and watch the grass grow :seedling:

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Thanks guys… :+1:t3:

First Haircut!!!

I Pray I didn’t screw her up!!!:pray:t3:

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First Grow

Any comments will b helpful!!! I’ve learned a lot from u guys thus far, do keep them comming!!!:sunglasses:

Looks great! You feeding any nutrients?

Uploading… Uploading… Well boys, she’s looking good!!!

No nutrients… Trying a more natural grow

That will be cool to see. But remember, even in regular soil from your yard there are tons of nutrients. All plants need certain nutrients or else they won’t thrive. You probably know this already, just trying to help.

Well boys here is where I’m at with my girl, she makes me so proud!! :+1:t3:

Al<img src=“//cdck-file-uploads-global.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/growingmarijuana/original/3X/f/d/fd9caf276df91fccac9acc5ed0fb5b080d8b67b2.jpeg” width=“375” height=“499”


Do let me know what u think…
From this point forward I’m uncertain about more than I’d like to admit so advice will be greatly appreciated!!

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Wow she looks amazing, it’s like a Christmas tree. I would hang lights on it and use the pic on cards for the holiday. She looks like she has a few more weeks to go, which will just make her that much bigger. Start getting your jeweler loop ready. Nice work.

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