I'm new My baby Northern Lights Auto broke root Oct 1

I’m so new I don’t know how to add pics to my jurnal. I’d like to thank all the people that saw my post in someone else’s jurnal for getting me this far.
SO my NL is 9 days old today, still only has seed leaves, one of which may be trapped in the inner coating of the seed as seen in other posts. I’m growing in a aerogarden with LEDs and have so far only used water because I’m waiting for the separate shipment of nutrients to arrive. She may be suffering from damping off. When I started her in the aero I used the plastic dome to keep her humidity up. At 6 days she had lifted the dome about a 1/4 in so I took it off her, she doesn’t seem to have grown since. Help me keep her alive!

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Welcome…this is where you upload photos via a phone…


Pictures are really going to help. Do you use pc or mobile device to log on?

Domo Arigato! I’m from “greater Seattle” so I’m growing medically as an unregistered grower I can have up to 4 plants. I’m growing for my Aunt, she has cancer that has spread to her liver, left lung , & spine. She is in tremendous pain and I’m hoping she gets her medical marijuana id so I can register and grow up to 15 plants. Because her cancer is so far advanced time is short So I picked an easy auto to start but my next 3 plants will be AK47, Goldleaf, & Cheese starting a new plant each month.
Advice is good, cancer suffers what works for you will help me choose new strains to try.

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This is my phone, previous post on PC.

@myfreindis410 @laurap thanks for your help!

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Welcome to the community looking at the picture I would place the one with the long stem in a pot and bury the stem up to about an inch from the top. You won’t see a lot of foliage till the root system gets more developed. You may end up having to use a little bigger Dome. Mist inside of dome couple times a day. Hope that helps good luck

I’m growing hydroponically, I know is harder than dirt but I have grown lots of vegetables before. I am just new to this plant.

So people said put a larger dome on my girl.

So right is what aero sent with its seeds Kits.
Left is just a smidge bigger.
Or my next option is dq

@mrpeat @dbrn32 @kellydans
Thank you senpai for helping me.

The bare bones of my budget tent.

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My bad I thought you were growing in Soil I see your Dairy Queen cup that should do the trick.

So previous post is where I planned to have my girls.

The flooring is bamboo composite on a foamy plastic sheet vapor barrier, on top of about 1 inch thick egg carton plastic as insulation.

Is where I am asked to grow so I don’t make "water messes on my nice floor. "

As everyone knows bare concrete is cold!
So leftover bamboo floor to create air gap and the lovely cardboard packing material from my filter shipment as insulation we’ll see if my girls get cold feet.

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Who wants stealth & cheap pH testing? I do I do!!
What could be more innocent than wanting to keep your fish at the proper pH.

Sorry I didn’t get the upload

quick and easy testing.

No problem. As you see youve got a whole community here happy to help.
Good Luck! Its a great hobby!.
Happy Growing!!

Hi! I’m new too! :grimacing:t
I’m on my second DWC grow (this one all proper, with tent and everything lol)
My first grow was in an AeroGarden. I did fairly well. 1 plant is all you will be able to grow out start to finish in that. The Rez is too small to put a plant in each hole.
Here are a few pics of the aero grow

Have you researched growing in an aero garden? There are some mods that seem to be neccessary for them.

I have grown vegetables in the aerogarden but this is my 1st ever pot grow. If there are pot specific things I should know please >>> point me at those topics.

@@killadruid @thccdb here is my journal.

Baby peppers I brought in from the cold.

my “day job” I volunteer at my son’s school as their community garden coordinator.

I visite each of the different classes and have them play in the dirt.
they pick a seed and grow seedlings in class when big enough/warm enough they transplant them outside. thru summer I visit day care twice weekly so they can water plants and keep them alive.
this year harvested over 127 g of dried beans and 30g of peas.
we just had our 1st frost of the winter a month early and at least 1 deer came thru and annihilated the corn so have no idea how much we “should” have. there are collards and cabbages that will be starting there 3rd winter. Kindergarten grew carrots this year only 1 made it but it’s a monster. grew watermelon but only fruit was size of pinky nail when frost hit-rip. Of the about 1/2 dozen sunflowers only 1 survived till now. 3rd grade does salmon life cycle complete with hatching eggs in class trying to convince teacher to try aquaponics with them.