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If you let them go 3 more weeks they will look like this:

Taken right now.


The plan is two months more…


Welcome and good luck.
Great people and a great place to learn


Pictures say it better.

These are 5 days after the pics above.

I nuted them with a 1/4 solution as I was getting some yellow “spots”.

I think that’s what they needed.

My favorite so far (watch it’s going to go manly on me…LOL


Here’s a group foto.



Hi all,

Well I held a sex drive today and all 8 plants showed up. :rofl:

Of the 8, two have signs of their sex.

The below fotos are the same plant as they “balls” look the same.

Too early to tell or should I scrap them…???


I wouldn’t say scrap them…yet. Watch them close to see if more “balls” start showing up. I’m gonna say wait on some experienced input. I did a screenshot of the middle pic to zoom in better. Also, next time, load your photos one at a time…helps with the zoom factor. Here’s your pic zoomed in.

@70sChick @Hogmaster @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan65 @Screwauger


That’s a nut :peanuts: for sure



Nice shot there buck. It’s a boy thumb

Will joint


Thanks for the fast replies and the image tip.

Is there anything I can do with these “guys” other than bury them out back in the garden?


@Cliffs definitely a male
I personally cull all males
unless you plan in breeding


Ahhh, breeding… not sure I’m going to delve in to that but who knows…

Update, this a.m. we now have the same two plants with multiple balls grouped together, so you guys are right, thanks again…

The two plants that are male were also 2 of 3 last ones to sprout.


I had a feeling it was male @garrigan65 but didn’t want to say without more experienced input. Sorry @Cliffs…it happens, I had the same thing happen with some bag seed we had. Luckily though, I had it seperate from others that were female. Good luck with your other plants.


More images…

The first pic…is that the start of a flower?

2nd and 3rd pics…these are under that whatever it is in #1


An expert can correct me if I’m wrong @bob31 but I hate to say its a male @Cliffs


male looks like to me. Sorry @Cliffs how many of the 8 are males?


That makes 3… is that a flower at the top?


Wow 10 days and no pics…bad on me.

Week 8…5 females and they all look like this one.

Yes the top soil is dry, today was nute day, full bath.


Looks like week 2 of flower. That can help with some charts. Doing good!


They have been on 12/12 light schedule for 27 days.


That’s about right. 2 week transition and 2 weeks in flower.