I'm new here so don't bite me, yet


The title of this area is called Gardner’s Croner…is that on purpose?

With that said…Hi all, I’m an old timer who, with his son in law, start our first indoor grow tomorrow.

Not sure what seeds he has but he has a few grows under his belt and I am new at this.

Will keep you all posted as this seems to be a fantastic forum for growers.


Welcome to the community @Cliffs!


Welcome to the best and most importantly the friendliest forum around! We have so many awesome people who can and will help with any questions you have.

Happy Growin :seedling::v::sunglasses:


Welcome! I too am a new grower currently growing chocolope and I tell ya what I everyday I learn something either from someone just throwing out knowledge on my grow log or me just reading the grow log of others… so my only advice be a sponge


Welcome @Cliffs if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Tons of people from all walks of life that are knowledgeable a little bit about everything. Most of us know who to tag for specific skill sets. Just use the @Covertgrower to tag some one.
Happy growing and don’t forget pictures of your wonderful plants!


Welcome, Your going to have fun :grin::yum::grinning:


Welcome to the forum @Cliffs! If you need help this is the place to find it! Good luck with your grow!


Welcome to forum! Great helpful folks here. No question is stupid. Happy Growing!


Welcome to the neighborhood @Cliffs lol you got lucky the moderators don’t allowing biting scratching or throwing of the poo poo on the forum . This is a great place for info and the group is generous to a fault with information and assistance congrats on taking control of what you put in your body and the group refused to let me fail when I first got here . It truly has a family feel here


Hi @Cliffs welcome to a great forum! Friendly and pleasant that is about all you find here and some great growers that know there stuff.


Welcome to ILGM @Cliffs!!
You are correct! This a great forumn for cannabis growers (in my opinion THE best)
Don’t hesitate to ask questions even if you think it is a dumb question. The only dumb question is the one that isn’t asked. :+1:


Plenty of us old codgers on here, too. So you’re in good company. A lot of retired vets and folks looking for some relief for medical issues. Even some first-hand stories from people who have kicked or cut way down on their pain pills, which is wonderful.


We love pictures! Show the grow!



As the others have said- warm welcome to our forum!

I’d recommend starting a grow journal- that would allow you to document as you go and ask any questions specific to your grow.

Looking forward to following along.

Happy growing.


I have found that the “grow journal” is helpful, not only for getting advice, but for tracking your progress, reference (When did I…) and if you rock, we learn!


6 of eight seeds have sprouted in the last 2 days.


I believe that is a Danish currency… :wink:


@Cliffs g’day mate nice to meet you is a great forum in general aswel an some awesome gardners,don’t hesitate to ask a question about anything as there are some very helpful ppl on here 24/7, :smile:


welcome to the site, how is the grow going? do you have pics.
I am fairly new as well and it is great to see how others grows are doing to see if we are doing well ourselves.


Hi all, well it’s been 5 weeks and my son in law says we should go to flower now.

All 8 plants are looking strong but are short, IMHO, but what do I know.

S-I-L says they are fine and over the last few days it seems these babies grow more over night in the dark.

Haven’t had any issues, tis why I haven’t posted. (That came off as snobbish when I reread it, I should have said no issues due to my reading of a ton of info from these very forums.)

Images…here’s a couple.