I'm new at this...are these what I think they are?

Hard to see in those pocs. Do u see any little whit hairs sticking out anywhere???

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First pic looks possible fem i might see 2 white hairs coming from a calyx

Cant tell , small pollen sack development?! Not sure

That’s what I’m thinking! I’m new and these are autos day 25. So not sure

Yep I see two possible white hairs at calyx on first pic
Need better pic of calyx not top of plant if you could

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Yep. Thats a weed plant ya got there…female


So I planted 4 autos out of 5 seeds! ALL 4 ARE FEMALE! this is my first grow so I’m green…but that’s gotta be a statistical anomaly! Lol I just swore I’d get one FEMALE.

Most autos are feminized seeds yoy can order auto regulars that couldbe male or female but most are females