I'm new at growing just looking for help along the way

I’m new to growing started this little baby just poked out today.
I’m just looking for help along the way. never grown before, but very interested in starting.
Obviously that’s why I’m here.


Welcome to the group

Thank you.

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@Eric-T-Wood, first off welcome.
Tell us a little about your grow, strain, lighting, medium (clearly soil but what kind), room/tent size, etc, etc.

I am new here as well, just 4 weeks into my first grow. Be sure to download and read Robert’s Grow Bible as well as all of the great guides. Everything that you need to know is here for the taking/asking.
Happy Growing.:+1:
You are welcome to take a look at my journal: First Grow is in the Dirt and going strong


To be honest im not sure what strain I have.
I got a little bag of seeds from a friend of mine that had been saving them when they came across them. I wanted to grow them.
The soil is just plain potting soil.
Just started off with plastic wrap over the pot till I got something to sprout, took 2 days to pop up
Not sure if that’s good or not.
Going to tent and start lighting cycle tomorrow
So this is where I ask what is a good cycle to start it on?


@Eric-T-Wood, I am not an expert but I have read nearly all of the guides. You should put them on 18/6 for veg and 12/12 for flowering.


Plant several seeds quite possible it could be Reg and may be male or female?


You wanna put a dome over your seedlings for humidity. Like this

And depending on your lights, how strong they are will determine how high above plant. Your in good hands here


That’s why I started with the plastic wrap over it to start with till it popped up.

Looks good, just watchout for overwatering. If you have extra seeds, plant 2 more, if possible, as regular seeds have a 50/50 chance of being male.

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Just getting started, first time growing and I’m not doing to good. I bought 10 seeds and already destroyed 6. 2 germinated and I put the heat to close, the other 4 I soaked the peat pellets in miricale gro and water and didn’t know it would burn them. arrrrgggghhh!

I have 2 more in the soil also they haven’t popped up yet hopping today they will.

Day 4. Some one has a friend now!
Maybe one more to go. If he decided to show up to the party!

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welcome to the ILGM support forum. I am sure you will find all the help you need from our friendly members and experts, alike. Happy growing :slight_smile:

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Hello There,

I have just signed up today and even I am a new bee to growing. I have been googling and youtubing in and about through every step along the way till i found this website which I believe is the ultimate expert that i could seek guidance from.

So far it has been one month for her growth and keeping all the patience and excitement to see the flowers. The reason why I am posting is to male sure that i am on track and as mentioned earlier that i am seeking guidance through every step along the way.

The seeds which i have used were once collected while i smoked them. I really cannot tell which breed they are or whether if they are feminized or not but with all you guys around i hope to get the best from you all.

My grow space medium is a spcae bucket.
The lights used are FCL (2x100W).
In flow for air USB Fan.

Since i wasn’t sure of the sex of the plant I germinated 2 more seed which also has great growth at moment but sooner or later i will habe to transfer them but I really don’t have the space to grow them.

Here are some few recent pics.

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Day 5
Number 3 has made it to the show.


@Eric-T-Wood How’s it going now? I’m still new to All this

I’ll shoot some pics and stuff after work.

I Think this link is of my starting to grow

So out of the 3 this is the only one that looks like it is flowering anything yet but is not very big.
Anyone give me some ideas of what this might be?