I'm looking for suggestions for a basic pipe

Thank you sir!!!

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Thanks everyone for the replies and discussion. Since I’m new (again, smoked some when I was much younger), I’ll see over time if and what kind of vaporizer to get. For now, I bought a $10, 4.5-ish inch pipe at the local dispensary. It works. It’s pretty - LOL. But I don’t like the big bowl and it doesn’t sit horizontally straight making it seems a bit clumsy to me, and the smoke can be hot. So, it works, but I might look into a water pipe/bubbler. I’ll see. I don’t smoke that often or that much - yet, LOL. I’m really appreciating the therapeutic benefits of mj; when I was young, it was about getting high/stoned. A few years on me has changed mj to “therapy”.


@Twilve1 enjoy man!

I use it as therapy too… I qualified for my medical card due to both a spine injury last May and the chronic pain that resulted, but really it’s my insomnia cure, and helps me to go easy on the booze.

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Nothingshocking, wow, so sorry about the spinal injury and the resulting chronic pain! :hugs: (hugs)

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I have been strictly vaping for a few years now and prefer it to smoking hands down. Taste is better and the effects are better in my opinion as well.
I have tried a few different ones over the years. Started with the pax 2 and liked it. Then got the crafty, I liked it, but returned it for the DaVinci iq. I liked that one as well so I got the miqro too.
Just recently got the dynavap m and absolutely love it! No batteries is the way to do it! For sure!!



My Xmax Starry v3 finally arrived, don’t laugh. Puff it up delivered it to the post office and as far as I can tell they lost it. They returned my money though, I gave it close to a month because I felt bad taking a refund from a small business guy, but it never came.

I ended up odering it from a different site, and with a discount code I got it for somewhere in the $65-$70 dollar range - pretty much the can’t go wrong range. It didn’t come with a free grinder like the other deal, so I bought a couple on amazon for $10.

Anyway, it seems pretty nice - I tried it with a low heat and it didn’t do much but in the 390-400 range it is giving off good puffs.

I guess I’m done smoking weed.