I'm looking for opinions/advices about my grow

Hello Guys,
it is my first time on this forum and it looks great!

It is not my first time dealing with autoflowers plants indoor, but I’m pretty much a beginner.

I start the germination of my Gorilla Glue by FastBuds on Apr 20th ( :smiley: ) so now she is 44 days old.

Here some photo of my baby:

This is a picture from 2 days ago lights off:

I used CANNA Terra professional PLUS as substrate.
A 400W SuperPlant MH ( temp: 5000K, PPF:523.2 umol/s ) for the growth phase and now I switched to a 400W SuperPlant HPS ( temp: 2000K, PPF:658 umol/s ) for the blooming phase.

As you can see I used LST with some strings to train the plant ( my first time ).
Question here: should I keep the strings until the end of the cycle?

I didn’t use any nutrient for the growth phase and I started to feed her with a phase 2 nutrient (NPK 10-10-9) since more or less 10 days, right now I’m using 2mL per 1.5L

Now my worries:

As you can see from the following pictures some leaves are turning yellow ( specially on the extremities )

and some have weird stains

Some few others have a weird shape

I know it is not advisable with an auto, but I already removed some leave that was almost dead. Do you advise to keep doing so?

My main issue at the moment is the temperature, since where I live now is quite hot and in these days the temperature in the box reached a peak of 32/33 degree :frowning:

Do you think this might be the issue?

Overall, you think the health of the plant is fine? Do you have suggestions or tips?

Sorry for the many questions but I’m a very apprehensive father :smiley:

PS. I’m using 18/6 light cycle

I see heat issues the way the leaves outer tips are curling suggests heat or light stress.

And just a pointer on making links here. I think only amazon links are allowed. So best to remove links.

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Thanks for your reply @BetrayedSoul, you confirmed what was my first guess about the curling leaves.

Unfortunately I’m not able anymore to edit the post and delete the links, maybe some moderator can do it for me.

I apologize, I wasn’t aware.

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I’m sure link will be ok and if not they will remove it. N9 biggie, your new here.

Oh Welcome to the forums !!!
It’s a great place for all your questions. So many people here to help with a grow.

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I just realized that could be confusing, but my plant still looks like this picture :

I added this picture to give a better idea, since with the bloom lamp on the color of the light is kinda yellow.

But the vast majority of the leaves are fine, I just have the problem on some of them.

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