I'm looking for a way to make good wax without butane, any suggestions?

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I’m looking for a way to make good wax without butane, any suggestions? Because of where I live making it outside is no problem but I really don’t want to use a chemical. I’ve made some ok tincture and some great butter but I hate the taste and don’t need the extra calories from edibles and want something I can just take a tiny bit of (dab :laughing:) and eat some peanut butter to get rid of the taste. I use it for the symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome, I’m just looking for something to enable a more normal life for myself. Thx, Jennifer


Ising a rosin press similar to this ine would be a great option fir the home user

A few pictures of different strain presses
I use a pneumatic press my self

Hope this help


Well I been wanting one, so I went ahead and pulled the trigger. I got an Amazon shopping problem so I haven’t been doing much Amazon purchasing thanks to new Year’s resolution against Amazon lol. But every time I see this link posted I keep wanting one so I went ahead and did it…

Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971


I found this press on eBay for $258 with free shipping. The only thing I pressed so far were pucks that were previously pressed with a straightening iron and a toggle clamp. I pressed them 3 times with the iron till I didn’t get any more rosin. I wasn’t happy with my return. I then purchased this new press and you can See the results. The flower used was ILGM Gold Leaf