I'm lazy so here is my "Grow Box "grow

This weeks progress picture. Raised light again and kicked it up another 40 watts
Glad I looked at the picture , it looks like I need more trimming on the lower part of the plant. I took off a gallon bucket (compressed) of leaves and lower branches last week.

The growth difference between the “growbox” and the cloth pots is pretty substantial. They are different strains though.


The outdoor grow I did is still being processed. AKA trim hell. So far 2lbs trimmed from the white gold of some beautiful bud.

from the bottom of the trim bin I made some Kief hash. I used the silicone containers that I use for rosin as a tester. Fill with Kief and put in the oven @200 for 5 min.

It made some cool little hash pucks…


I have these in the wrong tent evidently. This tent is 70" tall. The other is an 80". They are getting too tall and free space is shrinking. The Green crack is still stretching. I have been tucking and pinching that one a lot.
The bagged front 2 can not match the growth in the growbox. Not that they are bad just not as much growth.


Other tent with mothers.

Anybody ever wonder what the yard waste collector thinks when he dumps your bin? I’ve dumped better stuff than we got as kids… LOL

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Well they are still going. I have taken an amazing amount of leaves off.
I’m still trimming my Brothers plant. The buds look like they have a light coating of Karo syrup on them. I’ll get pictures when I’m done with it.

I also spent a day cleaning up the mother’s in the other tent.

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Here is week ? of flower. I raised the Do si dos with a 1 gallon container and turned the light up to 360 watts. temps running about 81F at the top of the tent

There won’t be an update next week. Heading to Vegas for a week.

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