I'm lazy so here is my "Grow Box "grow

Other tent getting crowded even though I have taken a bunch of clones

These are a couple of the rooted clones from my small cloner.

And the big cloner is doing its thing. Another week and some will be ready ready for dirt.

After emptying the small cloner and cleaning, one of the Critical finally showed as female. About 12 cuttings went in it.


Another week has gone by, or is it bye? Number 16. Pretty much same looking. I did try pollinating a bud in the back left as it isn’t as far along. At the middle of summer I started multiple plants 2 of different strains. One was a male THC Bomb, the other was a male Mango. Outdoor grow season was done when they showed their sex so I left them on the patio while their flowers developed. I took pieces when the flower started to open and put it in ziplocks for future pollination.

Solo cupping the clones I have started was/is time consuming and spatially challenging.
I’ve got 50 clones “cupped” right now with more ready everyday. We have another week at least till people can put them in the ground outdoors.

I think I need another room.


Week 17 and I need these to be done. They aren’t tricombing like they did last season out doors.
I turned the wattage down to about 320W. The PAR Meter is still at about 600, but there is less heat generated. One of the plants in the middle never took off and it fried 5X worse than the others, and stayed small.

The clones have taken over the room and are stuffed everywhere that has 18 hours of light.

I would like to close up the other tent and start flowering those, but need that extra area for clone development. Before the go off to new homes,after rooting I like 2 weeks in solo cups to expand their root structure.


The other tent and overflow…

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week 18 and the days are getting longer. It looks like I have some light infiltration into this grow area.
Evidently the mylar has broken down after 9 years, leading to a reveg of the plants. I was wondering why the plants were using more water than they usually do for flowering. On the other hand the new growth looks happier… Maybe its the stretch that never happened. LOL

Other tent got cleaned up.

The last picture clearly shows foxtailing going on and will continue to show new white pistils and clear trichomes on the top of the growths as long as you let it continue.

Your plants are probably done.

@CMichGrower When I first saw it I thought that too. But 1 week later it sure looks like revegging.

This was the bud closest to the opening. it got the most growth. What do you think?
I need the space anyway so it can be just a veg area for a while.

I took a bud off to look through the microscope at the tricombs. I tried on the plant but too many things moving to get a good picture.

It looks real close to done.

She is coming down Monday @ the 11th week since light change.

Nice set and forget set up

@Randy_Marsh Stay tuned. I’ll be flowering the other grow tent as soon as I can put all these clones in where this batch was, and close the door …LOL 20 of the clones went out today to my brother and some of his friends.Only about 80 to go…
The growbox with the Green Crack ,mango, and THC Bomb, never got the nutrient topping the other one did, so it is getting PowerGrowsystems “masterblend” nutrients (It’s like Jacks 123) mix in the reservoir.
I am running an air pump in that one just to keep it all oxygenated. Basically it is a static hydroponic system with soil (I could have used coco).
I try different things almost every grow to see what will happen. This last grow was a new light with way more power than was needed. I figure if it isn’t run at the highest setting it will last longer. Lets see what happens with a 440W light in a 3x3 for bloom. Of course I won’t be able to run it at max, but I’m curious to see what the par value will be in there.

I like messing around so I’ll stay tune brother see what cool stuff you come up with , soils hydroponics not sure how that goes

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I skipped a week wondering, what the hell? In checking the bud I had cut the tricombs weren’t done and it didn’t have the smell it should. Flowering time is 12 to 14 weeks for this strain and my count is from the time flip to 12 hrs.
I wrapped the outside of the grow room with black plastic to get rid of the light leaks.

I had another plant (Critical) in that area to sex and wondered why it was taking so long. after the black plastic wrap it finally showed its sex. Keep in mind that I started 2 Critical’s at the same time and the first one Had shown it’s sex 2 months ago. I thought for sure I would see little balls on this one because it took so long, but finally , Pistils.

In the other tent, they are growing like weeds. And that is with 2 months of taking clones.

Almost out of height in there.

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With a little clean up in tent 2.

I will give it a week to recover and then switch lights.

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Sorry I wasn’t doing updates like I should have. Busy time of year getting friends and family setup for outdoor grows. And not too much happening on the inside grow. I was waiting for the seeds I tried to make mature enough before harvesting this grow. The buds didn’t turn out very pretty so I’ll just press it for rosin. This was the harvest:

Other tent today is going into flower mode.

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I spent a couple hours pressing some of the bud from that last grow.(it wasn’t pretty enough :innocent:)

That took too much time and 10 strainer bags, so I need to pick up some dry ice to treat the rest with and then just press the hash that comes from it. It will probably only use 4 strain bags that way and I’ll be able to use less heat.
2nd Tent is looking good. This has 1 growbox and 2 2gal containers with a total of 6 plants. I did some cleanup and thinning and they might be a little tall for this tent.I guess I’ll find out.

In the grow-box, instead of just using water with the fertilizer pack on top of the soil, I have been using Master Blend (like Jacks 321 but it is 4-18-38 where Jacks is 5-12-26) in the reservoir. The plants seem to like it. This is the most roots I’ve seen in the reservoir .