I'm just starting my first grow in 20 years do I have time

I just planted big bud, gold leaf, and amnesia I just found out I have to move in the end of June I haven’t grown for almost 20 years and when I did it before it was outside will my plants reach maturity in 3&1/2 -4 months or should I move them to an outside grow I have two lights a 600 and a 1000 watt super hps I have 2 of each plants that just broke soil

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That is a hard one for sure I can go from seed to flower in a month but yield suffers and they don’t mature quite as fast easier in hydro than soil

Thank you I guess I’ll take what I can get on this run

So; You say you have to move, end of June. Here is a trick I learned a long time ago.

Try to veg for a month. Flower at 12/12 for a month; Drop photo period to 10/14 the last month. This will help finish the plants faster, and even if you do notget the biggest yield, the plants will be further along and ripe.

Happy growing :smiley:

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Thank you very much